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When a game sticks around as long as Battleground Europe has, the player base inevitably goes through transformations. The typical year 1 player, I dare say, is a hard-core war or flight sim guy, grizzled, ornery, possibly a chain smoker, dressed in a wrinkled well worn Aces High or Air Warrior T-shirt (why, yes, my office IS directly across from DOC's, how did you guess?).  His command center boasts a huge CRT monitor, wired keyboard and mouse, and his joystick handle is worn smooth from hours of chasing the enemy across the virtual blue skies of Europe. But times have changed. The next generation of BE player is upon us and she wears a pink tiara...

Lockdown, day 1 player:

"I had been playing this game when it came out for 6 months before my first daughter was born. Since her birth she has seen me play this game many times and finally starting playing the offline mode about 2 years ago.

Well, on May 6th of this year she decided to play her first game "on-line". I guided her through the map screen but once she spawned in she was on her own. Twenty minutes later she had tracked down and killed 2 massive noobs who were epically PWN'd!! My, now 8 year old daughter, racked up 2 kills ON HER FIRST TWO SHOTS!!! And got to 90% of capturing a spawnable! Now I need your help in letting these two victims know they fell to the hands of a little girl on her very first mission in game.

They are two german soldiers known as.....

Pvt. Kamir


Lt. Col. Wrath04

Also want to let IronLehr know he is a baby killer!!!


I personally don't know whether to point and laugh or check my stats...

Thanks for the story, Lockdown!

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