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Breaking news! Vonwiggle arises from the (nearly)dead to log in to WWIIOL! Korey "Vonwiggle" Wygal is one of our coveted Day 1 players and veteran Luftwaffe pilot. After a more than month-long absence, Vonwiggle returned with an incredible story: He'd been in coma for 23 days after nearly dying to an MRSA infection that turned into respiratory failure and, finally, septic shock. He finally woke upon February 25,th was held in the ICU for a week, hit rehab and is working his way back into the pilot's seat.

(The infection) was in my hip, putting pressure on my spine. I remember the ambulance ride to the hospital and then waking up 23 days later and not being able to talk or move really (had a tube in my neck and lost all of my strength).

Status is I lost 40 pounds and I was already skinny to begin with. My lungs need to heal so im short of breath constantly. I can barely walk and not very far with out getting tired. They used so many different drugs on me I can't remember.

It's a nasty bug, shut my kidneys and liver down a couple times and dominated my lungs. Had the docs telling my parents I might not live through the night once or twice. It's no joke.

Vonwiggle has been around our community since August of 2001. He's attended conventions and been an active contributor in the Hangar. We'd like to welcome Wiggy back to WWIIOL and thank him pre-emptively for not eating our brains. Thanks!

Post your well wishes for Wiggy's speedy return to the skies over Battleground Europe!

My name is Korey Wygal and I'm 22 years old. I live in Redding California. I've worked as a heavy equipment mechanic for a local construction contractor for the last 4 years almost.

My favorite part of BE would have to be the community. I've met a lot of really cool people. From going to the last big Con to the last 3 Reno air races I've got to meet them face to face and have had a blast. I stick mostly with the pilots of BE since its where I spend most of my playing time.

Nemesis wise I'm gonna have to go with myself. Not to sound conceited but having been flying for so many years I've been beat and bested by everyone at least once. Each time I have only myself to blame. Either I put myself in horrible positioning or miscalculate my enemies moves or just plain get lazy and rolled up on. I'd like to consider myself one of the few remaining old school ace's.

I've done most of my work in the air portion of this game flying what I think is the best plane in the game. The 109F4 has a lot of good things going for it. Speed and climb being what I consider its best attributes. Some may complain about its lighter armament but I consider it one of the best. Centerline guns work wonders if you are capable of making the shots. I personally spent a lot of my time working on my accuracy. Put the two together and it makes for a hell of a sniper package.