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Another Adopt A Rat event was held Tuesday night, this time the hosting squad was the 101st Airborne, one of the older WWIIOL Allied squads. RATS partook in a great defensive action around Sambreville, a para drop on Geel and a no-holds barred Laffly race from which Shad0w64 cheated and knocked me off the road at every opportunity...

Tuesday night saw a great turnout from the 101st Airborne, a very fun bunch of nuts to play with.  The squad didn't waste any time and the RATS hit the ground running with a full-out defense of Sambreville. BOOMKING did a fantastic impression of a bush and led MARTINI to his doom "Sniper to your left....I mean your other left...".  Eventually RAMP and DEKARD drew him out and finished him off. The sniper, not BOOMKING.  Shad0w64 and Ratzilla kept the comms flowing and we quickly cleared out the last attacker. The decision was then made to see if RATS can fly, and so we loaded a plane up with paratroopers. Astonishingly, we made it to the DZ alive and a full stick of paratroopers landed on the Geel spawnable. We weren't able to hold it, alas, thanks to the 232 parade that rode through and filled us with holes. Thanks for trying to draw their fire, BLOO, but after you exploded we were left at their mercy.

To finish off the evening, the 101st decided a Laffly Race was in order...and the word "order" can be used very very loosely! After a chaotic few minutes of everyone trying to worm their way to the front of the starting line *cough*gaze11e*cough* we were off and running. Shad0w64 quickly pulled into the lead, ruthlessly bumping off everyone in his way and even dropping the poor ATG that had unwittingly hooked up in order to create chaos behind him. Ratzilla and Sport20 couldn't seem to find their gas pedals or were driving Miss Daisy and lagged behind along with derekb25. Bigmex73 tried to give Shad0w64 a run for his money, but it was Vonringl who won, pulling into the church at Paal first.

"S! Motormouth,
The 101st would like to thank all of you at CRS for attending our squad night and making it that much more fun.  We had an awesome time and got to show you guys a little bit of what we do.  From para drops to laffy races.  I tried to get almost everything in that we do from day to day, but in just a couple hours it was hard.  Again I would like to extend great thanks from the 101st for attending our squad night

And we all thank you and your squad, Shad0w64!

CRS would also like to send a huge shout out to Dukk, Dover and the entire 1775th for sending us a kick ass memento from our Adopt A Rat night with them:


What you see there is a cruddy camera phone picture of a 10 foot long panorama of our Para drop over Terneuzen on the 20th of May, 2009. Thanks for putting that together, Dover, and thanks 1775th for a wonderful gift!

Cornered Rat Software staff are always up for playing with any squad that sends in a request. If you'd like to host us for some play time, shoot This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  an email and we'll get you on the schedule.

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