Axis Forces Win Campaign 50

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Well the historic campaign number 50 is over, and the Axis Forces were victorious after an eleven week long battle that had everything in it you could imagine. The early push was an Axis one, they actually won the early part of the campaign pushing the Allied forces west before the Allies could stage a fighting counter attack and breakout through the lines. Again the Axis players dug in and pushed back hard.

Following containment of the Allied breakout mid campaign, the lines held firm for what seemed like years. Any movement at all was only possible after withering losses and the almost complete anniliation of the forces at war with each other. Then the Allies took a strategic gamble that almost paid off, setting a trap for the Axis forces around Antwerp. However, such are the fortunes of war that the gamble failed, the Axis forces brokeout in a majorly huge fashion, running rampant through the lines and into the Allied rear.

The full extent of the breakout was contained to some degree at the sharp end of the front by monumental efforts from the Allied soldiers, airmen and sailors but the push from the Axis never abated. Now they are victorious in one of the most exciting campaigns Battelground Europe has ever seen. Congratulations to the Axis forces and to the Allied forces who fought them hard every step of the way.

Now we come to what's happening next in the game. We have an interesting and fun Intermission Event planned to begin on Monday the 23rd of February. It does require the replacing and resetting of a huge number of host processes and files so we can't get that done for Sunday, although that would have been nice. For the remainder of the weekend we have switched off attrition based supply so that players can have some fun staging huge destroyer fights and flying around shooting the bad guys into the English Channel. Maybe England will be invaded!

On Monday (23rd February) we open the last Intermission event designed by me, Battleground Europes Game Manager. All future intermission events are to be planned by the same Special Events guys that do the Historic Scenarios and Special Events you may have taken part in during the past, specifically led by your guy, Jammyman.

This event will do a couple of fun things. It will eneable the development only Blenheim-T torpedo test bed plane for use by players on both sides, German and Allied. There will be many more destroyers and boats available to use, for sea battles on the English Channel, and no bombers other than the torpedo bomber will be available.

In addition, there will be no fighters available (as this makes the Blen-T too difficult to have fun in) EXCEPT FOR THE HAWK 75 and BF109E-1 (which last time we did this was not in the game and thus we couldn't have fighters in the event) which are good candidates for inclusion because they don't easily shoot down bombers as they lack cannons and have a limited number of machine guns of small caliber. This will allow players who want to dogfight in something other than a Blenheim to have some fun too. It also means pilots can escort their Blenheims as they seek out the enemy destroyers.

This intermission event will probably start during the middle of the day on Monday. Thank you all for a wonderful and historic Campaign number 50, it was a blast!