Campaign 49 off to a great start!

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DOCIt's still very early in the history of this campaign, but the response so far has been terrific. Both sides logged in from the very start in large numers and began hammering away at each other in true Battleground Europe tradition. Peak numbers online were higher than we have experienced recently and the picture gained from being in game and from AAR's and reports is that everyone is having a very fun time and playing harder than they have ever played before. This might be a good time to remind you all (in case the reversed map starting lines confused you) that this campaign is a real campaign and is going to count towards the win/loss record.

The other aspect of this campaigns start is the introduction to the game of new players through the Trial Promotion. Game keys downloaded have been running very high and more than that, accounts created from those game keys have represented a much higher percentage of the total than we have experienced previously. Much of this is you guys, the bread and butter of the game, the meat and potatos of what can be a gaming feast if you want it to be. You the players of the game are why these new trial players are experiencing the best of what the game can be. The only online wargame of it's kind. You can get shooter value in a lot of places but here you get a WAR!

Logging in over the last 3 days and fighting like you did in the Battle of Sedan, or the amazing Rescue of Montmedy by the Axis forces who were all but exhausted and out of the fight ... this is almost legendary stuff. All over the front stories are coming back that absolutely reverberate with the experiences of simply awesome battles. You players that are having these awesome battles are why the free trial guys are going to be experiencing what the game is all about, what makes it great and the kind of fun that your war can make for gamers wanting something on this scale. That is all we can ever hope for, that new guys will get a little taste of what it is that keeps you here and fighting in this manner. This is what it takes to get free trial players to give the game a go. When they can experience what you make happen everytime you go to war here in Battleground Europe.

Campaign 49, for all that seems strange in the reversed map (and to be honest some don't like this aspect and we have heard them ... but equally honestly most do seem to be enjoying it a lot and numbers online are very good indeed) ... Campaign 49 is shaping up to be a very memorable moment in the games history, and one that I personally would hate to miss out on. Lucky for me I am not missing out on it, and I have to say, after so many years on this project, from the inside as well as out there with you guys ... it's very exciting right now!

After all this time, and it's still exciting, wow.