Campaign Report 02-20-09

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It's getting close to the end of the campaign, but neither side is willing to give an inch. The Allies are holding on hard, it's great to see them fighting tooth and nail to keep their feet from getting wet! The reset looms, can the Allies pull off a miracle and push the Axis back?  Only you can decide that!

Have a great week, and Have Fun and Enjoy the Commanders in Chief Reports!


Great battles on all fronts, our troops are capping ground while Allies are retreating to coast, Amiens has fallen into Axis hands, Dunquerque, St Omer, etc etc... Allied morale has been destroyed, we are close to reaching the last victory, the work is done , we will not stop until all of Europe is Axis,  let the Allies run to the Islands, we have enough with continent. So have fun these last days and push hard , maybe we can finish campaign this weekend.

Dear playerbase:
I hope this wil be my last letter to you. It has been a long campaign, we had bad moments and we had good moments, but in the bad and good moments we worked together in the trenches, covering each other, supporting each other, and moving as a group when help was needed. Of course we aren't perfect, we need to work on comunication, comunication is the key. If we let information flood comm channels constantly we can send troops or react to enemy movements, and this serves us better. I'm very proud to be your leader this campaign. Our playerbase deserves this campaign, our playerbase needs this victory to recover their confidence. If you think because the Allies won 4 in a row they are better than us, we showed them, it's false!

Now that we have rebuilt our OKW system and we can fight Allies in a balanced level, more or less, we are close to a win. That must give us the enough calm and confidence to work next campaign without the pressure we had this time.

Long discussions were had about if we are close to a win due to a command mistake or not, don't fall in shadows. We are near to victory because great officers stepped up and took command when breaks appeared. Don't believe we are near to winning due only map OICs, that's the mistake some officers did in the past, thinking they were the key to reach victories. The PLAYERBASE and all officers doing their duties, such as bunkers guards, MS drivers, ATG towers, FB guards etc etc are the 75% of our success.

Without the playerbase the OKW is nothing. Don't lose faith, don't lose morale. We are AXIS, the side with most victories in game history, and we must keep working to attain more victories. Remember, bad moments will appear in the future, mistakes will appear due to the OKW. We only need to trust in ourselves to rebuild again!!!!!!!!
Im very proud to have reached CinC position and led you in this campaign. The job is nearly done, and now I can retire in my new home near Doullens :-)
I want say Thank you to the 2 squads awarded me this campaign, and thank you CRS for letting me be your leader. Thank you to all OKW and officers that helped me to reach victory, we lost good officers on the road, 2 of them come to my mind, the most important is Summala, who lost the life under unknown circumstances, we will all remember you mate, and for you is this campaign!!!!  And the second officers is Roner, he needed to unsub because the pressure was too high, without  him  we would not be able to move map to river line in first stage of map. Roner will return to game , but was a big loss for our OKW. Take a rest mate we are here awaiting you!!!!!!!!!! But please don't forget ....
We have a great game here, I'm sure the best game, yeah you and me will be annoyed many times in the future and we will argue and discuss the game, but don't forget that this game IS THE BEST GAME. And nothing else can be compared to it.
Player of the week
Zalla250: Co of 250hispana, always .pm asking for orders and moving his squad where they are needed. Doesn't matter how bored or funny is the mission, only need to tell him wat we need and all the 250hispana work on it!!! A big saluten!!!

Officers of the week
Bulete: You ask why? Joined OKW to help me to reach Cinc positions , without any knowledge of english. You can always see him covering depots, fb's and enemy spawns while I was online as Map oic or RO, never said any bad word to any player or officers, always fighting to help axis side. He will retire at the end of my period, so I think Bulete deserves this nomination at the end of his career. S! Bulete.

Keep the good job mates, we are closer to victory every day, we only need a final push!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-Toro15, CinC



Some would say this might be my last Allied Report as CINC – at least that would be the evil Axis propaganda machine. But the Allies have recovered from a drastic two weeks and have made the Axis pay for every inch of ground – considering we are outnumbered most of the time this is a tribute to the dedication and fighting spirit of the soldiers, sailors, and airmen of the AEF. In the immortal words of the Black Knight – "it’s only a flesh wound!" It ain’t over yet Toro my friend !!

Allied Player of the Week – Moscone – this long time Allied Player has logged an astounding 3000 sorties this campaign and over 200 this week alone. His quiet attitude and leadership has been an outstanding example to the player base. I take personal satisfaction in knowing that one of his last 9 victims was ‘Rat God SirBenny’ - now that is one to brag about J Well done Moscone!

Allied Officer of the Week – BarnesUSMC – A relatively new Officer, Barnes has shown a tireless energy in attacking and defending under intense Axis pressure. His ‘can-do’ attitude has rallied those around him. In the recent epic battles for Dunkerque and Doullens he was everywhere – capping, defending, sapping and running. His example inspired the Allies in a desperate time.


Oneupu2: 1st Guards DXO to XO
Tass248: 5th Inf Bde DXO to XO
Z1232: 3 Comm CO to 2ID DXO
Desouzaj: 3 Comm DXO to CO
Bondpaul: 2AB DXO to 3 Comm XO
Jrbcan41 honourably discharged
Ratcatch: placed 2AB XO
Shifftie: RAF to 1st Guards DXO
Sgtblaze: 14Gp XO to BAF XO
Psico: to 75Sq CO
Radar17: to 75Sq XO
Tilolyen: to 70Sq CO
Thesarg: to 70Sq XO
Smokeye: to 52Sq CO
Coragem: to 60Sq CO
Beemerd: to 60Sq XO
Kenney honourably discharged

Blkhwk8 - to CO 1stAG
CE - to XO of 1stAG
Cosian - to CO of 1re 14e

BEF Awards
Axis Denied Knight Cross

Jump Master Gold

Legion of Merit

Thanks Guys


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