Campaign Report - ALLIED - 04-10-09

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An excerpt from the desk of the Allied Commander-in-Chief:  Well…we have not had as much success as the Axis this week.   Axis forces have poured through a hole in the front at SEDAN and exploited late movements by the Allies away from attacking METZ AF; breaking out and taking our some of our forces off of the map…divisions at a time!  The first week of the campaign the Axis were close to Amiens, then the 3rd week saw the Allies soooo close to Koln, and now this week has brought us the Axis capping England.  This is certainly a historic campaign now.  It is certainly not over.

Axis forces secure Great Britain! This week was one of the more interesting we have seen in years.  Rumor has it that one very long and dangerous transport mission resulted in a strong foothold on the British island.  However, it would appear that, in order for the Axis to hold the ground they gained, they must commit a ground combat division to the security of the island.  This gives the Allies an advantage in combat power in Western Europe.  This will be an interesting weekend indeed.


Campaign 51 continues the wild see-saw movements.

ANZAC Convention sings Operation Drunken Matilda over and over!

Britain Attacked!  A Call to Arms! 

 The Allied CinC’s Dispatches from the Field!

Well…we have not had as much success as the Axis this week.   Axis forces have poured through a hole in the front at SEDAN and exploited late movements by the Allies away from attacking METZ AF; breaking out and taking our some of our forces off of the map…divisions at a time!  The first week of the campaign the Axis were close to Amiens, then the 3rd week saw the Allies soooo close to Koln, and now this week has brought us the Axis capping England.  This is certainly a historic campaign now.  It is certainly not over.

Back at the beginning of this report, the Allies were blessed with listening to a huge group of ANZACs, and HUSSAR’s Squads fighting during their conventions.  Operation Drunken Matilda was planned and promoted throughout the Allied forces during a 3 day planning blitz, including 2 full AHC meetings 12 hours apart, a mass officer email, and forum posting and spamming.  Did it work?  Yes.   Sort of.  At the beginning.  Technical gremlins appeared, the off-line party was fun – and – the Axis tempted the allies to the northwest.   This meant defense…not offense.   Maintaining the initiative, the Axis have eerily been moving and capping with a formerly Allied type of fighting style and this has worked very successfully for them.  If experience is any guide – I would almost predict my enemy is seeing a single Map OIC spend many, many hours awake and guiding the Axis with 1 strategy.   How long can they continue the push? 

“A Call to Arms!” – the Axis are in Britain!   This was very unusual last evening.  The Allies have not fought through the streets of British towns on defense…ever.  It is a matter of debate though, since Axis veterans claim an earlier cap, and the Allies did cap it in a reverse map, but never in the modern incarnation of the game have the Axis successfully moved across the Channel and capped all available towns.  Remarkable in any way you look at it.  However, the Allies are used to suffering through having airfields they cannot capture on their flank – now the Axis will feel the power Allied airfields in the north of England that cannot fall.  Round the clock bombing and Para operations will continue.  The Allies must push the invaders back into the sea, and Sir Winston Churchill has been propped in front of Allied broadcasting stations. Allies – you must spawn-in to stop the Axis outrage- and make history again by being the first to:  THROW THE AXIS OUT OF BRITAIN! 


Allied Deputy Chief of Staff SILKY filed the following report from a field hospital hidden somewhere in the forests of Britain:

A tough week for the Allies. Operation Drunken Matilda failed to capitalise on the ANZAC get together as Axis numbers and technical Gremlins (not to mention too much VB[Australian beer]) hampered our Do Or Die advance towards Koln.
The Matilda weekend saw early exchanges, with Allied slaughtering Axis in Nivelles but losing Breskens. The trickle of early Axis advances soon became a torrent. The torrent soon became a flood. All across the map we saw Axis dominating - punishing us strategically and preventing us from gaining the upper hand. Our resistance, was seemingly futile, was valiant, with the ANZAC presence surely stemming what would have been a fatal time for Allied forces. But stem them we did, pushing back fiercely to protect the Channel ports fill the holes in our lines.

General Klemzig reported:

"Was it fun in terms of the Map? No
Was it fun a lot of players got a lot of kills and had fun.... YUP! and YUP! again. Was in all it a success..... YUP!
Hell we lost some ground, we took some as well and lost it again. It happens...But all in all a lot of players had a ball. Not just on our side but I would say on Axis as well because I have not seen an Axis reply like that for a long time.
I had many PM's again during the day and night about it"

The steady Allied retreat continued with significant Axis advances in the South including some irresistable pushes. But Allied troops are brave, committed and worthy opponents, as,

General Thechort reported from Belgium:

+"A low rumble roared in the distance, like the moving of a large herd of cattle. Guns and explosions raged on to our east, where brave, dedicated Allied soldiers fought against all odds to hold Gent - an instrumental town in our holding of the Northern flank. Soon, we would be fighting against all odds as well. The rumble became louder, louder, and louder still until you started to believe your ear drums would bust. Bushes and small trees toppled as a strong panzer force element of the 33rd ID made themselves known to our small unsuspecting town of Aalter. The warnings were heeded, and still our forces were quickly destroyed to the obviously more populated force of Panzers.
I quickly dove into the last M10 Wolverine and drove southwest of town right as the panzers aligned themselves in a strong wall to the north of town. The rough dirt smashed beneath the tracks and propelled me forward as fast as the engine could send me, while I scanned every last detail of the landscape for threats to my tank. Eventually I made it to the southwest of town and turned north to attempt a series of flank shots on the many panzers that had already began to slowly advance toward town. A pak38 quickly opened fire not even 100m away, scaring the ever-living bajeezus out of me. I quickly turned my tank toward the gun and prayed that the cursed, paper armor would last long enough for me to have a chance of killing him. We exchanged shots 2 or 3 times and he stopped shooting first--I hailed myself a small victory as I never could quite kill those buggers, and moved on.
The panzers sat out, mostly in cover but a few in the open, north-northwest of town unsuspecting and ready to go to that great, big scrap metal graveyard in the sky.. I quickly maneuvered my tank into a position I could see them, and still had some cover from swarming Luftwaffe. I aimed at the Panzer 4G sitting quietly in the back and fired, quickly turning it into a smoldering pile of metal on the ground. I angled the gun to the next one and fired, having the same end result. Then, the perfect shining moment - a Tiger rolled slowly toward town out in the open with its flank exposed. It's like the angels were singing their blessed chorus line at that single moment as I rotated the turret a few degrees and began to shoot just below the turret line at the center of the hull. Not long thereafter, the Tiger met its buddies in the graveyard above. Soon I discovered I had missed a 4g in the back and decided it was his time as well. Somehow I felt as if I were Death… dealing out judgements without mercy or remorse.
After making quick work of a couple more 4gs and 3gs, I saw a halftrack towing two 88s in my direction. I fired on the first, killing it almost instantly - but the 2nd had deployed and was firing on me. I angled the gun again and killed the 2nd as well, but sustained damage to my tank. Fuel leaked onto the ground behind me and the engine produced a small, white cloud of smog. After scanning the horizon, I found my final kill. A 3f traveled around in the open to the far northwest, approaching in a long swing from their FB. I positioned myself for the last time and waited. He showed up a few minutes later and was quickly destroyed.
Position rules the day: one person can make a difference in an entire battle, as seen in this AAR. Their AO was quickly pulled not long after their panzers had been destroyed, making this one of the shortest attacks (that was actually a full-on attack) I had ever seen. Our HQ supply was weak, but the armored brigade we had moved in toward the end of the battle remained strong as very few units were lost from it. Even if you stare into the face of defeat, there is still the possibility for victory. Mission result = 9 Panzers, 3 ATGs, and 2 EI." 

















ALLIED 176,08529,348 101,920 16,0242,671 
 ALLIED 29,0694,845 26,594 3,971 662 
 AXIS 132,46722,078 80,389 11,860 1,977 
 AXIS68,409 11,402 45,553 7,749 1,292 

Allied AIR Analysis:


-Allied fighter efforts continue with a positive K/d ratio of 1,05 in spite of a decreasing % of effectiveness of about 2% for this past week

-This can be explained by the fact that even though the SpitVs stats improved a to 0,80 against the 109f (Compared to last weeks 0,77) the H87s stats have decreased a substantial amount from 1.33 to 1.20 over the 109f which is a decrease of about 10%

-Allied fighter pilots continue to put in more tom and missions than their axis counterparts by a very healthy margin of more than 35% in tom and more than 30% in number of missions which can only be explained by a bigger player base and improving HC work in giving them supply


-Allied CAS + Bomber planes continue to deliver a lot of pain to the axis ground targets and managed to increase almost 5% in K/d ratio to 4,48 per allied plane destroyed and in spite of all allied efforts the axis K/d ratio for Bombers + CAS also increased to 3,28, which is a huge improvement over last weeks 2,05 even though it still falls behind the allied counterpart for almost 25% off.

RICK1945: Rick1945 is an AHC Officer as well, but when I discovered him running the low-pop map with a few other longer-term Allied Officers – and he was leading para operations as well as asking his CinC for help without pause…well – I didn’t want to curse him by giving the new AHC Officer the “Officer of the Week” so early in his career.  We always lose those officers too quickly.   So – in order to keep him around as long as possible – I hereby give RICK1945 the Allied Player of the Week.  S!

PATTI and SILKY:  PATTI plays between Low-Pop and Euro Pop.  This is unusual since he sees all the population swings it is possible to see in-game.  Rarely recognized since they are usually working for the Allies while North America sleeps, PATTI is constantly fighting, moving forces, communicating and taking towns.  This time-zone is where the Allies have been capping and re-capping without exception, and PATTI is a major cause…and now Officer of the Week.  S!
SILKY is Allied Deputy Chief of Staff, volunteering for anything that requires work, dedication and lots of time out of game.  The CinC level players don’t usually receive this award – but SILKY is exceptional.

Finally – Allies….the Empire has taken the homeland and a dark cloud has descended upon our rebel forces in Britain.  There is nothing that can be done except to use our Northern U.K. airfields to advantage, and YOU must log-in and fight for our honor.  We need YOU in-game and playing.

S! Allies,

Joker007, Allied CinC