Campaign Report - ALLIED - 07-10-09

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An excerpt from the desk of the Allied Commander-in-Chief:  We are now on the second full week of Campaign 53.  This week we have established our line and we are holding strong.  We have made good gains all over the map.  Everyone is working together and communicating well.  It is good to see the great cooperation.  With everyone working together we will push the Axis back in no time.

Ahhh…*breathes deeply*.  Northern Hemisphere Summer.  What!?  *Spits out coffee*  Spawn Delays??!!

Yes.  We are getting many .reports about spawn delays.  They range from information to irritation to intimidation.  A spawn delay is an mechanism developed after testing other ideas for throttling the majority side’s spawn numbers to increase the reward for spawning in the minority.  Why?  Because for unpredictable human reasons, people tend to join a continuously over-populated side that stays over-populated for days, weeks or more at a time.  Why?  Because of PWNAGE.  Pwnage is fun.  You dominate.  You rack up kills.   You never defend – always attack.  Your morale is high every day.  This may be fun for you, but the other side’s players are experiencing the opposite effect of low morale, shorter periods playing the game, constant defense on the run and – if its not fixed – they unsubscribe.  Unsubscription hurts us all.  More subscribers equals more fun stuff for everyone. 

The spawn delay timer ranges from 0-60 seconds.  Your side may be slightly overpopulated, but not enough to trigger a spawn delay.  The spawn delay timer is calculated on percentages, so that high population and low population periods can both avoid getting too unbalanced. 

The spawn delay penalty is a longer period to spawn in (up to 60 seconds), inability for underpopped side players to switch to your overpop’d team (unless they wait for side switch delay to expire), slightly faster despawn times for death on the underpop side (or maybe that’s just me, kekeke!).

Some time back the despawn/respawn period maximum was 2 minutes.  Players hated this even more because they don’t want any delay.  But the radio cap timer was also 2 minutes.   Now a 60 second spawn delay is fighting against an approximate 1 minute capping radio timer.  Overpop side players must not take unnecessary risks or they may find the underpopulated side able to defend a town despite lower player numbers.

Summer is a time where many people have many options for their time, and more daylight with which to try out those options.  Player numbers fluctuate more strongly and unpredictably and you may find yourself suddenly with entire sections of Time Zone depopulated.  Those crazy Finns want to see the sun for the rumored 12 days a year the sun vacations somewhere near Sweden (even the sun doesn’t go all the way to Finland) – so some parts of our gamer population are just not going to be as much.

What is fun about spawn delays?  Avoiding death.  It has an extra penalty.  Play smart.  Use your ears more than your eyes.  Defend well.  And make the other side experience the  downside of spawn delays rather than yours.



S! Allied Players.  We are now on the second full week of Campaign 53.  This week we have established our line and we are holding strong.  We have made good gains all over the map.  Everyone is working together and communicating well.  It is good to see the great cooperation.  With everyone working together we will push the Axis back in no time.

Vozz ran an operation this last weekend on Sunday and we made some good ground.  It was awesome to see everyone working together and keep pushing the Axis everywhere.  I would like to thank Vozz for putting together the operation and getting everything organized.  Huge thanks goes to everyone that was online for the time of the operation.

This week the map has been bouncing back and forth between a few key front towns.  I encourage everyone to log in as much as possible to keep pushing the map east.  We have gained towns and let some fall, but one thing remains the Allies stand united.  Keep up the great work everyone.  Let’s all get in game and get good numbers over the next weeks to push this campaign back across the map.

AARs : Operation Scorpio

"Days before the operation e-mails were sent out to the Allied Squads and .allieds were announced frequently that told players to check ALLIED SECURE for more information. Channel Commander, and Channel 33 were designated for Squad OICs. Operation Scorpio was planned out 1-2hours prior to kickoff with Fortius, and myself. St.Truiden was decided as primary objective, with Liege as overall objective. Prior to operation start the Allies had just lost Marle, and were still on the defensive. Operation Scorpio got underway around approximately 5:23pm CST, July 5th with attack objectives issued on Rocroi (to get Axis to shift down from Phillipville/Couvin) and Diest (to get Axis to commit 1.3).
The Rocroi FB had recently gone Allied and Lazsnipe, and a few others were heading into in town to capture a few CPs. During that time I had announced Diest P1 and got MSPs/ATGs rolling out to setup on town and make it seem like the Allied US PT attack. 23rd originally planned to form at Leuven, and go off-road to Diest and secure the town but during the form up time the Axis rotated HQ, and Armor to Paal so we decided to take this advantage and redirect the column to St.Truiden. After the decision was made to redirect a total of 35x tanks to St.Truiden I looked to get a sitrep of Diest assault and was told Axis defense was up. I redirected ALL HC to St.Truiden to setup MSPs/ATGs, and contacted Squad OICs via Channel Commander, and .m that the priority was now St.Truiden. All air was also redirected to St.Truiden with 4wing, 92 Squadron and 84th Squadron leading the way with bombers on standby for St.Truiden.
St.Truiden turned out to be an attrition battle with Axis throwing a division for a division into the battle. While the attack on St.Truiden was going on I had gotten a spare AO and decided to AO Sambreville, and see if we could make progress near Namur. Dijpa and BKB-ARC were able to get MSPs/ATGs up and start capping a few CPs while the priority was still St.Truiden. Rocroi FB had gone Axis, but the mission was accomplished and Axis were pulled off to re-cap CPs. After we realized St.Truiden was turning into an attrition battle I redirected most organized numbers to Sambreville to try to capture the P2. After about 30minutes it was evident that Sambreville was going to fall into Allied hands because most Axis players were still heavily defending St.Truiden.
After Sambreville was captured it was decided Rocroi would be the next P1 with a major armor column leading the assault out of Chimay. Organized squads were contacted and told the next P1, and .allieds were announced to reserve armor and not to spawn. Once a total of 50x tanks were reserved on the spawnlist everyone spawned in and rolled to Rocroi with ATGs/MSPs. Rocroi fell within 30-40minutes of AO. Everyone worked together, everyone knew their own objectives and together they dominated the Axis who came in to defend. Once Rocroi was captured we decided enough was enough, and supply was inplace ... the time was now to finish St.Truiden.
St.Truiden was down to Axis rifles only, and the Allies had a fresh British infantry brigade in Tienen, and another French infantry brigade inbound. In a blaze of glory St.Truiden went Allied with bodies, and hulks everywhere to be seen. Shortly after St.Truiden was captured the Allied playerbase was eager for a new assault, and pumped for rolling of more Axis towns. P1 was announced Diest, and another armor column was formed out of Lier/Aarschot to roll Diest. Within an hour Diest turned Allied. The Axis HC were franticly trying to rotate supply down to cover Liege/Chimay, and were unable to stop the following Axis onslaught at Turnhout. Another epic armor column was formed out of Oostmalle under the same instructions to reserve kit, but not to spawn in. Squad OICs were contacted and MSPs/ATGs were headed to target for setup. Once armor was enroute to Turnhout AO was put up, and the battle of Turnhout begun. Turnhout was the same story, just a different town.
Air superiority during Operation Scorpio was constantly in Allied favor. Without a doubt the operation would not have succeed as well as it did without the amount of support, and dedication the Allied flyboys gave that night. Once Turnhout was capped we knew the Axis were in trouble because Geel was now bouncable. Next P1 was announced Geel, and an infantry brigade was moved into Grobbendonk to support the attack. Axis had the Turnhout-Geel FB well defended, but withdrew defense once Geel got in trouble from Grobbendonk and Allies were able to open a second spawnable into Turnhout. Geel was a fight that the Allies were determined to win and nothing was about to stop them from bouncing this infantry KG. Shortly after Geel was bounced 12am-1am CST, Allies redirected to consolidate after a long, epic offensive. The last captured town was Mol as a softcap. Operation Scorpio end time 2:00am CST.
Towns gained = 8: Sambreville, Rocroi, St.Truiden, Diest, Turnhout, Geel, Mol, Somzee
-Vozz, British Forces CoS"


Mozza – Promoted to CO of 60 Squadron
Drillin – Promoted to XXO 60 Fighter Wing
Messeruk – Promoted to  XO 70 Bomber Wing
Tigger6 – Promoted to XXO 70 Bomber Wing
Mjdixon1 – Promoted to CO of 70 squadron
Lutenint – Placed as XX0 3rd com
Zehive – Placed as XX0 SAS
Vivanco – Promoted to Co 2ID
Mosquit- Promoted to XO 1ID
Cw04evil - Promoted to 2e Division CO
Jamm40 – Promoted to 4e Division CO
Eagles86 – Promoted to 4e Brigade CO
Ruthless – Promoted to 13e CO
Fremi – Promoted to 13eme CO
Troge – Promtoed to force de Altantique XO
Jamieg – Promoted to BEF Command CO
Boycey – Promoted to BEF Command XO
Bopac – Promoted to I-Corps CO

Congratulations to all officers that received promotions. Keep up the great work.


Army Medal


Operation Command


Mention in Dispatch Bronze Star


Distinguished Flying Cross


OCS Ribbon


War Office Award


Mention in Dispatch Silver Star


Axis Denied Knight Cross


Fremi - This officer is very new to AHC, but is always willing to step up and help out.  He has taken Map OIC and when nobody else would step after only being in AHC for just 3 weeks.  Fremi is an outstanding officer and is very eager to learn.  I expect good things from him.

Skurcey – Is a great player.  Skurcey always helps out where help is needed.  Thanks for your efforts Skurcey and keep it up. S!

S! Allies,

-Shad0w64, Allied CinC


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