Campaign Report - ALLIED - 11-09-11

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S! All
The Allies have put 4 good weeks together on moving the map to the east! There has been many officers stepping up and leading the allies in the right direction and hopefully we will continue to do so. Now that we are on the door step of the axis homeland it will take an all out assault to finish the map. 

Also now is a great time to join Allied High Command and learn from an excellent team of Officers! Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AAR of the Week:   11/06/2011

Picked up the Map from gassault just after the capture of Liege and the placement of an AO on Eupen. Axis pulled form Vise, so we got a softcap op going quick and finished it, providing another link to Maastricht.
StVith was pressured with a heavy axis assault on the south side of town. After an intense close quarters fight and a few AB clears, the Allies were able to obtain and hold both linking FBs (Halls and Prum) to effectively end the attack. The town was cleared in short order and the FBs defended until the AO was dropped.
While StV was pressured... Eupen stalled. Decision was made to move the P1, and Rips was chosen as a target. Again, after a knockdown-drag-out fight, the axis were booted from town with only the 2 remaining east cps left to cap. Well they didn't give them up easily. It took another 30-45 minutes for the AO to complete, but during that time the infantry fighting was dense, intense, and a lot of fun. Comms were good. guards were plentiful. Ultimately we took the town.
After dropping the AO on Eupen, redeployment of the 1re DIM, 2e DLM, and 12e DIM ensued under advisement from gassault/dfadd. Both had devised a deployment for these 3 divs prior to logging and I agreed to implement their plan.
1re DIM was to occupy Vise-Verviers. This would free up the 2eDLM to occupy Malmedy-StVith. Which would ultimately free up the 12e DIM to head down through Vianden and pressure Bitburg. Taking Liege and freeing that div is an immense line-shortener.
Left the movement of the 12e down to Vianden to rabitldr to complete. Passed map off to him after finishing Rips AO.[/


New Officers:
Petie 1A XXO
Cplkas 1st guards XXO
3snty 2ID 4th Bgd XXO
The fsg SAS CO


Axis Denied Knight Cross


RDP Bombing Ribbon


Allied Assault Award

23rd Armored



Ohm, Allied Deputy Chief of Staff

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