Campaign Report - AXIS - 03-13-09

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An excerpt from the desk of the Axis Commander-in-Chief: The Allied push during the initial days of the week forced us to give the terrain and towns we got on the first week. You fought hard. The tides of war are coming back anyway. Our forces were rebuilt and new weapons are ready to be sent from the factories!

TOPDAs a player, one of the things I appreciated most about Battleground Europe was the level of interaction between subscribers and game developers.  I would get as frustrated as some of you about the pace of development and overall game improvement.  As a member of this great team, like I have been for nearly two years now, I’ve had the opportunity to see just how hard all of us work to provide the best gaming experience possible but we couldn’t build upon your dream, and ours, without all of you. Perhaps we don’t say it often enough but I’ll say it now – we appreciate your support and dedication to this fine game. 

Thank you.  Now, onto the reports!


The Allied push during the initial days of the week forced us to give the terrain and towns we got on the first week. You fought hard. The tides of war are coming back anyway. Our forces were rebuilt and new weapons are ready to be sent from the factories!

Allied breakout from axis point of view: 03/07/2009

Our forces were overextended. Our initial push towards Amiens resulted on a shy retreat to St Quentin line but maybe not enough. Officers were exultant and I share my enthusiasm with that.

But the lines were extended for too long. Soldiers tend to forget fast the bad moments and come back full of energy and thirsty for blood.

On the night of 03/07/2009 I stood with my high commanding officers on a bunker near Phillipville. We were planning a major assault on Phillipville, expecting that to be a new Allied retreat. We already had stopped one of their tries by Kamiman.

It was rainy and cold. Bad weather for a massive attack. Allies started probing our line around Guise, LaCapelle, and Hirson... suppressive AOs that started with full ews that forced us to move to defensive very fast.

As soon as we set a good defense, they let it die and move to the next town, attriting and hitting all the line. Looking for a weak point.

We stabilized the line and started the recap of Rocroi and began probing Phillipville defenses when I was called from Berlin and left the front.

Allies hit the line hard. Seems they took the opportunity of our pre-occupation in Rocroi to hit and cap Chilly, which left us with 27id divided and in bad shape. Allies started shifting flags to hit Revin and Haybes to try to break us... We were catching at Charleville with 27HQ, which fell back far from 27KG3 and left it routable.

By then Allies started shifting their flags to make their push to south side... Our 1st and 2nd panzer divisions were watching far from the break point and their only chance started to be to pull ASAP. 3 towns separated them from the cut off, but our forces reached Berry and Reims quickly, supported by our LW’s bases there.

27KG3 was routed 27id was left North of the river unable to support our two divisions.

There was then a big run... Allies moving south and east and us trying to reach the head of Allied breakthrough. Val-de-Vesle, Mourmelon, Suippes then started to become Key towns, as we were moving... Allies had all the line to attack and easy softcaps to east to always go ahead us.

I followed the operations from Berlin; unable to be on the map with my men till we reached Suippes and we were in danger of being cut.

I entered on the HQ of 1PD and talked quickly with Cobray who was leading the troops for a long stretch (Xl2dylar prior to him). Allies had plenty of targets to keep hurting us and we had to rush to every FB or town with paras and LW mostly to delay them.

In one moment, we were cut off but we regained Suippes. We were slightly behind enemy timers and Allies’ chances were to go for Sechault and delay the final battles one more line or go for Suippes. I myself sent a DMS at Suippes and let on N area to intercept enemy. LW was doing an awesome work. We decided to sacrifice 2KG2 at Reims behind so we could be able to delay allied FAF and RAF to help them. Leanderj set on the Sechault FB with paratroopers so they were unable to get that town and all seemed great.

We had all the skies covered and they were unable to set any MS... But one escaped. We were busy fighting back Bethany and clearing Reims and Val-de-Vesle; with minor but important fights at Givet the Allies capped south side of Suippes.

Players started to spawn at my MS and get to the town... but as one player stated “never set the MS with enemy spawnable in the way” because enemy spawning there cut our run to town and soon  Suippes fell to enemy forces. We were cut again.

The good news was that we gained a lot of time and we could be able to recap it and move in since allied flags at Someppy were very drained. We started a fierce attack on Suippes to regain, but I was called again to Berlin. I left the command in Aj1874 with a hard task ahead.

Several hours later Aj managed to make a good line, while our forces still were fighting in a small pocket around The Town of Mourmelon. LW supplies were not reaching and allies regained a lot of towns at south and where threatening Luxemburg.

Aj1874 managed to free 3PD and moved them in a seven hours trip from the North to cover 27id’s flank and redo a good line from where start a war.

I was sent to the pocket to fight with my men and we launched desperate attacks against Suippes to find a way to get out, but our lines are more and more far every hour. Finally, after two hours of final fights, we surrendered the flags.

Wounded, I was sent to an hospital, leaving on Alphie and Katonka’s hands the hard and difficult task of keep the line strong till the rebuilt of new divisions.

Axis soldiers, against a very high enemy overpop, showed a true courage and dedicated efforts for their side. They fought hard and long. And they kept the line intact, with no more breakthroughs or cuts. We were rolled on several towns but we make them paid very hard at Rochefort, were they got a Pyrrhic victory.

And Ciney and Marche marked the turnover, where we stand strong against superior forces, superior numbers and inferior determination.

I can only be proud of their efforts. We had worst campaigns. We had harder turns and much more lost terrain, and we regained all and every of the towns, with incredible operations and master ability. Every town will be regained. With fun and excellent battles.

The hard battles on North area have been awesome. Kriegsmarine owned all the islands and got Vlissingen and part of the inland towns around, threatening allied ports on the channel. Unfortunately our divisions were fighting hard on mainland and could not be sent to continue the push of so many braves... Never so few did so much for the Zeeland’s.

The battles around Ciney, Marche, Champlon did break a lot of computers. Shots, smoke, bombs, assaults all over the place and every team focused on one missions: expulse the invasion!

Plans are on the move to regain terrain. Stay tuned!

Promotions for OKW:

Aceman8 promoted from KG26-S1 CO to KG26 XO 
McDeth promoted from JG3-G2 XO to JG3-G2 CO 
Cougtl promoted from KG26 CO to I.FK XO
Jamesi promoted from KG26-G1 XO to KG26-G1 CO

Damale promoted from 3 Kriegs XO to 5 Kriegs CO

6th Armee
Aj1874 promoted to IV Armee Korps CO
wafflez promoted from 33id CO to IV korps XO  
blackleg promoted from 3 pd XO to IV korps XXO

12th Armee
Pilomon promoted from 17.1 XO to 27.2 CO - Colt 3/5/09

Officer of the Week:
Kenki: He was there. All the time. Always looking for a new town to cap on the Zeeland’s, Always ready to defend the link to our factories and keep alive the foot on the allied rear. Opel, Ship, paratroopers. Leading, making missions, asking help, offering help.

Player of the Week:
Tom77: He once told me "my ms are always at minimum distances" and its true. "He is a machine with ATG,” told me some players, and its true. "He also hit enemy with Stuka" was the rumor, and is also true.He is online when rolling, and he is online when we pulling. Always active, always axis and always ready to set a decisive ms, a great road interdiction or any strong point. Tom is a victory condition.

Well-done gentlemen. Congrats!

- Fiambre, Axis CinC

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