Campaign Report - AXIS - 03-20-09

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An excerpt from the desk of the Axis Commander-in-ChiefI myself can only be gratefully satisfied. The frontline appeared stalled to somebody not used to war, but it is alive... Fierce attacks and counterattacks happen every hour, young men sent to the hard fight, meeting the enemy in heavy waves, dying in the mud of the human anger.

Happy Friday everyone! The forward battle-lines have stabilized this past week. The northern front has been in neutral for quite some time and the Allied advance in the south seems to have stalled. The Allied forces fighting hard to turn the corner on the southern sector but the Axis armies have reinforced their lines with some careful maneuvering of the brigades in that area of operations. Something tells me that we will see some major movement this weekend but from which side will it come? Who will blink first?

I would like to thank Joker007, Fiambre, and their staffs for putting together some great reports these last few weeks. They are well worth the read.


S! Axis Forces.

I myself can only be gratefully satisfied. The frontline appeared stalled to somebody not used to war, but it is alive... Fierce attacks and counterattacks happen every hour, young men sent to the hard fight, meeting the enemy in heavy waves, dying in the mud of the human anger.

The town of St Vith has been reduced to rubble. The only remaining pre-war architecture is the Büchel Tower, standing alone in the middle of the destruction. On Sunday night it was in Axis hands still when large armored forces were spotted from their advanced recon positions.

The 1st brigade of 3rd Panzer division was placed there. All soldiers were called into the action quickly. A major attack was occurring into Trier so the forces in hand were limited. Wafflez, Stabschef des IV ArmeeKorps, which was on the town inspecting the troops, immediately took charge with the support of Ssgtvrab, Stellvertr Kommandeur der 17.Panzer-Division. While Wafflez covered the Army base and control command bunker, Ssgtvrab deployed seven antitank guns east of the town and started pounding the allied tanks, those insolent armored units thought they would be able to flank the town and lock it to avoid any kind of reserves to reach the town.

A fierce spit of fire happened between the PAKS and Allied guns, filling the air with burning projectiles impacting all around. I drove an Opel full of sappers that way and managed to set out there to flank the enemy but the push was so hard that we were outflanked soon, finding ourselves fighting back through the enemy lines at every berm.

Axis soldiers set a defensive line around town and engaged the Allied advancing troops, making them pay hard.

From our nearby Airfield of Hallschlag Lufftwaffe started to come in the help of their Heer comrades, and the Allies had suddenly the heel upon them. Stukas and Heinkel 111 started to bomb them. Ground recon forces, hidden in bushes, sneaking through the incoming enemies; lead with accuracy their flight to the targets, avoiding the increased allied air counter battery fire.

The fight was intense on the outskirts of the town, southwest side, where it was a house-to-house, hand-to-hand battle.

The amount of forces involved left our brigade nearly empty in about an hour of hard battle, and our other brigades were already being sent to the town, with the 2nd brigade of the 3rd Panzer division in the neighboring town of Prum and entire 17th infantry division coming from Liege area to help their brothers.

The town was reported overrun, and despite the efforts of some brave players driving from nearby towns to send ammo and guns to their besieged brothers, the town fell into Allied hands.

This Allied pyrrhic victory on the town was declared a great victory from their Command in Chief, but the Axis forces around the town were so determined that it was regained and lost again several times during the week.

What a fight! I am proud of being Axis and fighting with you all.

Officer of the week:
XL2DYLAR: what a man! He has being leading the map form day one of the campaign. He has invested uncountable hours with the players, supporting the Axis side with an excellent website. It is his second tour in the OKW and he is already on Armee level showing his dedication and excellent leadership.

Player of the week:
GLACIER: He is there helping the HC and the player base, from everything with firebases to town assaults, to defending critical towns, this guy is there... you can always know when he is on the ts, and he'll support you to death with ideas for attacks and things, willing to set them up if the idea approves.

OKW Promotions

Vondoosh - promoted to Marinegruppenkommando West XO

Leanderj - promoted to 3.Kriegsschiffgruppe CO

Sleeger  - promoted to 3.Kriegsschiffgruppe XO

Kjellf - promoted to 4.Zerstorerflotille CO

Riffraff - promoted to 1.Angriffdivision CO

Kenki - promoted to 1.Angriffdivision XO

Onetin - promoted to 5.Zerstorerflotille CO

Damele - promoted to 5.Kriegsschiffgruppe CO

6th Armee

Kalma - promoted to 3rd Panzer division .1 Kampfgruppe CO

Tyranthr - promoted to 3rd Panzer division .1 Kampfgruppe XO

Dario - promoted to 3rd Panzer division XO


- Fiambre, Axis CinC

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