Campaign Report - AXIS - 04-10-09

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An excerpt from the desk of the Axis Commander-in-Chief:  I lost the sense of time. Four weeks ago I was directing the construction of bunkers for civilians at Koln, Three ago I was inspecting allied material left behind at Antwerp, two weeks ago planning amphibian assault to Dunquerke, and now I am Saluting the prisoners of war captured on the Metz-Sedan-Ste Menehould cut.

Axis forces secure Great Britain! This week was one of the more interesting we have seen in years.  Rumor has it that one very long and dangerous transport mission resulted in a strong foothold on the British island.  However, it would appear that, in order for the Axis to hold the ground they gained, they must commit a ground combat division to the security of the island.  This gives the Allies an advantage in combat power in Western Europe.  This will be an interesting weekend indeed.


S! Axis forces!
I lost the sense of time.
Four weeks ago I was directing the construction of bunkers for civilians at Koln, three weeks ago I was inspecting Allied material left behind at Antwerp, two weeks ago planning amphibian assault on Dunquerke, and now I am saluting the prisoners of war captured on the Metz-Sedan-Ste Menehould cut-off!
Zeta, Oberstinspekteur der Achsenmächte started the initial moves supported by Stabschef der 12.Armee, Xl2dylar. They made the initial decisions and put the objectives up to definitively lock the Allies. The key town of Metz was in the middle of the Allied attempt to surprise our south flank, but Stellvertr Kommandeur der Marinegruppenkommando West Vondoosh took OiC of the town leading the naval and air flags there. With much less material at his disposal, he set up a very bloody defence to keep the town in Axis hands. More than 700 enemy units were reported down. A handful Kriegsmarine and Air officers and soldiers suick together outgunned and with the odds stacked against them.
While that vital town suffered the hardest attacks, 1PD was shifted to cover Luxemburg and start the attack on Sedan, which was a blast of coordination and human effort. The Numantine defence set by the Allies was something to behold. But they were overrun and expulsed, falling to the wrong side of the front, and, some hours later, after a rush towards Stmenehould, with the help of so many players and long term planning, the cut was made.
Tons of material and human lives were left behind in every ravaged town. Numerous towns were reduced to rubble, destroyed by uncountable assaults, bombardments and infantry assault.
Maybe next week I will find myself trying to rescue my divisions from an enemy counterattack. The tides of war, new improvements from factories, the luck shot of a single soldier, creeping behind defences, entering the command post of any brigade and making a headache of a routine defences… everything counts... 
War is hellish… There is no routine defence; there is no routine attack… Every battle has a different approach, every man on the field can achiece a victory, every depot covered may get new resupplies and every mark makes the life of your comrades longer.
Axis Forces took advantage of the Allies attempts and cut them off. Tomorrow could see just the opposite. We can only try to do our best and work as hard as always to make our steps a firm and decided advance to the west, and make every fight an immense explosion of emotion, hard fights and face to face intense dogfight!
Every Axis soldier will celebrate a victory.
Go axis forces, Unite and pushing west!
Promotions on OKW:
Jamesi promoted to JG3 XO 

Officer of the week:
Aj1874: He has been fighting and providing uncountable attacks for player base for long. His enthusiasm, his nonstop ms, his efforts to prepare and lead squad operations, moving a lot of people to extraordinary operations, with the result of a big turnout on this campaign. He has worked hard. He deserves this little reward for sure.

Player of the week:
Helpme3: This brave soldier has been taking OiC of brigades at any time, setting attacks and defences for the axis players at any time, giving advices and helping the OKW on their entire task. He is already on the OCS program and for sure ready to give much more fun and good support to all players.

Congrats, gentlemen!


- Fiambre, Axis CinC