Campaign Report - AXIS - 04-17-09

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An excerpt from the desk of the Axis Commander-in-Chief: When you read this we have been fighting the allied forces for 36 hours in campaign 52. As campaign 51 ended Fiambre gave me his key to the Commander in Chief office. As I seat here and write to you I am proud for the good team work being done in frontline!

It’s pretty exciting times here at CRS.  1.30 is now in open beta testing and a new Campaign has begun on the live server.  With the start of this new campaign we also transfer Allied CinC Joker007 and Axis CinC Fiambre to the old CinC’s home.  Gentlemen, thank you for your service to the community and the sides you represented.  You and your players sure made Campaign 51 a unique one.  Even with Joker007 and Fiambre’s retirements, we are pleased to announce two new Commanders-in-Chief; Westwild for the Axis forces and Trekman for the Allied forces.  Gentlemen, good luck and good hunting.  Now, onto the reports.


S! Axis forces
As you read this, we will have been fighting the Allied forces for 36 hours in campaign 52. As campaign 51 ended Fiambre gave me his key to the Commander in Chief office. I sit here and write to you full of pride at the great team work being done along the front line!
KM are holding the Zee`s and helped with the liberation of SE area in Luxembourg and the surrounding countryside! Metz is secured and the LuftWaffe has moved in and started their operation along the southern edge of the front line.
Heer division has been placed around Antwerp and we have now the opportunity to do recon in that town!  Liege is secured and safe. Sedan remains under Allied control.
After visiting all branches I am proud to see the high morale and spirit to again fight the Allied team.  TEAM AXIS keep it up and remember that together we are stronger than we are apart! So communicate and ask for help and you will get it, if not right away you will in the end.
On the desk I found the Most Valuable Player and a new Most Valuable Officer, with a note from Fiambre: "Westwild please give these two this award. It’s a hard decision there was so many that did so much for the team, but we have to select someone!"
Officer of the week:
Kamiman: Congrats Kamiman the award team working on the new MVO award and I'll present it later on.

Player of the week:
Helpme3: Congrats Helpme3 the award team working on the new MVP award and I'll present it later on

Congrats gentlemen!

Chief of staff - Alphie

Deputy Chief of Staff - Katonka
Country Commander - Ereck

Country second in command - Frantish
LuftWaffe Commander - Csudet
Congrats to you all!
S! Axis forces
Axis CinC