Campaign Report - AXIS - 07-17-09

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 An excerpt from the desk of the Axis Commander-in-Chief:  S! Team Axis.  Well it’s been another incredible week of fighting along the front.  We have our tier2 equipment in stock and the factories are working overtime to keep up with demand.  The team axis squads and OKW officers have been slowly but steadily pushing the allies to the coast.  If our teamwork and dedication hold us thru, we should make it on time to the burger, beer and weenie roast in Le Touquet!

Last week, I wrote about Spawn Delays, this week I going to talk about players complaints about equipment.  This type of complaint is usually frames in a .report like this real one I quote (but I have edited for good reason):  “WHY THE (expletive deleted) I HAVE TO SHOOT 50 CANNONS IN A (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) SPITFIRE TO SHOOT IT DOWN WHILE THEY GOT MY TAIL IN 2 SEC??????”  Of course, we don’t like receiving this type of language – but it shows you that the players believes we have Allied bias.. 

This is followed by:  “I put 37 AP rounds into a Panzer from 1300 meters and nothing happens, but I take 1 hit and my engine is dead!  Thank you for your Axis bias!”

Both report types will appear on the same day.  It is not the same players, but the same point.

The real problems is that players play only 1 side, and therefore don’t experience the weaknesses of the other sides.  After Tier 0 in this campaign, Total Kills to Death ratio for All Axis versus All Allied was practically 1 to 1 (1.01 Axis vs. 0.99 Allied).  This is as close to parity as you can get – but many normally smart players will swear to you that Tier 0 is Allied biased.  Tier 2 is Axis biased, etc.  Our statistics show this is not true.

If you want to really learn how to kill the other side, and really learn how fair this game is, you are going to have to do something TABOO.  You’re going to have to get freaky-deeky.  You are going to have go weirding… and play the other side.  Yes.  I said it.  This will probably get this Campaign summary banned in certain states, but I do believe it is not abnormal to play the other side.  For 1 campaign.  Then come back to your side.  None of your squad-mates and friends who didn’t swap sides in a live campaign will believe you. 

Why?  Because Spitfires actually do slow down to heavy damage.  Just not right away – and that is precisely how WW II aircraft acted when they were sprayed with heavy fire.  Some exploded, some sadly don’t move or look affected at all … as if the pilot were dead or almost so, and some took that damage and continued flying without really showing the damage that happened to the camera (or your pilot’s eye).

Some Allied tanks fired round after round into a Panzer 1300 meters away…and couldn’t tell if it were damaged or not….and then that Allied tank had its engine blown up from an unseen enemy 500 meters away. 

That’s war.  Real war.  Not shoebox shooter, everyone is a hero type war.  WWIIOL:BE is realistic.  Maybe too realistic, in its shooter calculations and ballistic outcomes.

But play both sides, you will see that each side is different.  The equipment is not the same and the strengths and weaknesses are different… but every side is complaining of bias and enemy super-strength.   This means that CRS has done something amazing.  CRS has created…balance.

Now go try out the other side and send me emails at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it telling me about what you learned upon switching sides.  I’ll post good one for follow-up in a future Campaign report.


S! Team Axis,

Well it’s been another incredible week of fighting along the front.  We have our tier2 equipment in stock and the factories are working overtime to keep up with demand.  The team axis squads and OKW officers have been slowly but steadily pushing the allies to the coast.  If our teamwork and dedication hold us thru, we should make it on time to the burger, beer and weenie roast in Le Touquet!

Seriously, it has been an incredible campaign thus far.  Each battle has been intense and team axis has moved further west in tiers 0 and 1 than I have seen in a long, long time.  Each of us should be proud; proud that team axis learns from its mistakes, works together and lends a hand where needed.  We couldn’t have gotten this far without your help and dedication to never giving up and fighting for each inch of ground.

Now, this campaign is still far from over.  I am asking each of you to dig deep into your commitment to pushing west, because if history shows us one thing, it gets incredibly tough from here on out moving west.  The allied forces are working from shorter lines and can multi-stack brigades and complete divisional coverage along the front.  What that means is that each battle is going to come down to playing smart, fighting tougher than the other guy and fighting together in a true axis teamwork spirit.  Every axis player’s goal should be to control the firebases, check and guard the CPs, and communicate with each other on mission and target chat.  Mission leaders please set waypoints to funnel the team to areas of concern and mark and approve contacts.  I believe we can do this and we can do it well!  We are team axis!

The Propagandakorp’s CinC staff positions filled!

With the appointment of Imbrutus last week to the Propagandakorp CO position, I would like to announce our new Propagandakorp XO, Tex64.  Tex will be in charge of getting with each and every dedicated axis squad via squad forums, PMs, emails and carrier pigeon if needed, to coordinate and bring the squad players closer to their OKW officers.  We have needed a dedicated officer to handle this for a long time and with Imbrutus and Tex64 in place, we can move forward with better combined operations, shared intelligence and greater axis teamwork.  Please remember that your axis OKW officers work for you to help provide you with the operations, tools and supply necessary to be victorious on the battlefield.  If you see Tex sign up for your squad forums or if you see him in game, make sure to say Hi!

New Verwalterkorp CinC staff CO!

I would also like to announce that Dover has taken on the responsibility of the Verwalterkorps CinC staff position.  Dover will be handling a lot of the administration tasks necessary with running a tight organization like the OKW.  Dover has a great personality, extremely dedicated to team axis and she works very well with others.  I look forward to seeing her help to bring the officer of team axis closer together and functioning at 110%.

AARs from the field:

Reported by Kalma, 3rd Panzer CO, I decided to include this to show what type of work goes on behind the scenes by your team axis officers - Alphie:

Map Oic Sunday 12th of July 9.00AM - 12PM (GTM)

Well logged in and took map from Stall84. We've just finished/finishing Binche.  We hit Nivelles next and then Wavre. I rotated some supplies from 1PD to assist 33Id for Wavre AO. I kept rotating new flags in and try to hit Wavre with the best gear as much as possible. Decided to detach 33.1 and 33HQ to go around through Namur-Sambre-Charle to Nivelles and boost that attack direction aiming to reconnect with 33ID when Wavre was taken.

After Wavre was about to finish, decided to go for waterloo. At this point was aiming to move 1PD towards Wavre, leave 27Id to cover Leuven and Aarschot. 33ID reconnect and moved to assist waterloo with 1PD from Nivelles. We took Waterloo which fell back to Brussels leaving Louviere with one infantry brigade routable. Pushed there next and started setting up Maubeuge.

For Maubeuge we tried to coordinate with squads online and got 250h and Rikka to help. I asked HC to focus on S side cap and squads to focus on AF/AB cap. Worked a bit better than expected, we managed to cap N side pretty quickly and they were left with south side. This attack and the speed of it caught allied a bit by surprise. They started shifting brigs to north but were stopped since we capped Maubeuge and AO'd bavay as softcap. I asked KGW to take it which with the help of other squads they did. LW we’re doing the operation Windfall at this point so we didn’t have the best LW support for Maubeuge and Bavay.

Capping of bavay was a semi-breakout point at that time and allied reacted to it. But i didnt have the timers nor the brigs to push through valenciennes so was just happy allied shift to N was stopped and they had to pull a bit from front to cover it and let us settle on maubeuge freely. Kept pushing against louviere which allied held pretty good, they started shifting the ex-waterloo division down thus making louviere not routable anymore. Still saw that we had what it takes to get that town and wanted better timers for nivelles link, which was a very strategic gain timer wise.

This time I was sure we are going to hit Lier with KGW + squads and Brussels with HC and blue tags. Berlaimont i planned as P2 for KGW/Squads. Took a little break and Iperkele watched the map and stayed as map xo. My first idea was to start Brussels AO to draw a lot of allied on defense and then let squads hit Lier as bit of a surprise bunch. WE took Louviere before the squad night started.

Did the HQ overstock trick with 250h and overstocked 27.3 and hit Lier with full force. But it seemed that allied were more keen to fight the axis squads than to fight in Brussels (at least the more veteran allied players). Brussels started to pick up while squads had tough time in lier. Brussels was a tough fight as expected but we had the supplies (1PD and 27.2 and later 33.1). I asked KGW to take paras to hit the ABs while others push through ground. They made couple drops and we were close to capping the last AB which was surprisingly the CAB. Wolves with 1775 I think held the AF on Brussels AO which was really important. Eventually Brussels fell with almost all axis and allied players on it.

We didn’t have a second AO to really shift after Brussels ended since I just couldn’t get HC or others to detach from Brussels. Well.. that slowed us down since after Brussels allied hit hard on Bavay and got us on the defense for a while.

I left Lier as P1 since it was already attrited after squad attack. I stacked Brussels with full 1PD and 27.3 to scare allied a bit and ao’d Temse. Allied of course reacted to this by pulling from Aalst (which was their Brussels fallback for brigs) and pulling a bit from Lier and Mechelen. Squads went for P2 which was Berlaimont but failed there. Lier was taken perhaps easier because of squads hitting Berlaimont hard and allied brigs fell back to Mechelen which we had AO already (started as softcap).

We hit Aalst also because those brigs were attrited and allied far with resupplies. Again the aim was to cause some more panic on allied rather to seriously go for Maldegem cut-off since 1PD was VERY attrited and we didn’t really have the means to take down all those FBs. Allied kept on moling Brussels and attacking Bavay from where we did a fallback. Also Maubeuge was constantly attacked. I expected Berlaimont AO to have helped on that DO as well.

Left the option for next map oic to either push more west by moving 33ID up to replace 1PD in Brussels or to resettle lines and focus on holding the gains as US prime was about to begin. Left map to RO which was Alphie.

KM did their operations in the northern area which also helped as around Brussels and Antwerpen since allied pulled armor to cover Waals. LW had operation Windfall which I hope will pay back during late US prime due to allied resupply timers 2 hours slower. Several people asked not to attack Antwerpen at that time even thou we would have the means supply wise but 1 big town was enough maybe and fighting in twerp might have costs us a lot around Maubeuge. Also squads asked to be part of twerp AO when it comes up.

Officers to mention:

kuery - gave excellent sitreps and held Binche for several hours
fiambre - got some much needed oranization to brussels AO
cdz - responded to requests when needed got us mechelen
iperkele - took map xo and helped on everyhing he was asked for
potthead did good damage earlier setting up louviere AO and with early morning AOs
Shamus1 took several FB's back axis
ch53guni helped with overstocking and was where needed
Frantish rallied troops for brussels and got it going nicely

KM- good coms, good work in north (oneting as KM OIC)
LW - op windfall was a success, giggadee did good on Maubeuge AO rallying troops and getting it done

Sorry I can’t put the post to look nicer and time to remember all the officers and player that a did great job S!

Here is another AAR that shows some of the work of our fine axis officers, this report was submitted by Devildawg, XVIII Armee Korps XO:


This is RO AAR for 14/15 July. I came online between 10-11pm, and Stall84 was running the Map. HC had a few officers online. I immediately noticed that there was a push in the South. KM units were used to softcap towns all the way to Amiens....I questioned this as it says in Orders, South is a hold area only....I don't know who insisted on this action, but no Heer units were used in these caps.

P1 at the time was Le Catelet, with P2 being Lokeren. Allies were hammering Cambrai. Le Catelet proved to be a pain in the ***, with strong Allied defenses. EI and ATG were on the outskirts of the town, and a strong PZ force just wasn't going to cut it. Any MS's that we managed to get to town soon fell. So the P1 was moved to Lokeren.

Cambrai was finally libbed after Allies managed to cap 2 ABs and just about half the town. With a strong response to defense however, we libbed, an about an hour or so later, AO was lifted. The attack on Lokeren didn't seem to be going so well, with another strong Allied defense force.

It was then that Allies started softcapping the towns around Amiens, and they moved 3 Army units into Peronne. 2 KM units and 4.2 was used in the defense of Ham, which became Allied P1. Allies also attacked St. Quentin, although this was mainly just a mole operation. Map OIC was switched over to Animerlz, since Stall kept CTHLing. I stated both to HC and the PB that it did not matter if Ham fell to the Allies, it'd be more of a concern if St. Q fell.

I'd like to point out a player by the name of E1dan (sp?), I believe that’s his name. He knocked out the Bohain-Le Cat FB and backdoored the St. Q-Le Cat FB, which threw off the St. Q mole attack. Ham was falling after a non-stop Allied attack, and 4.2 was moved back to St. Q due to low supply. The KM lasted another 10 min. or so before Allies capped the docks....however, with a quick spec-op and Allies heavily focused on Ham, we managed to cap Le Catelet, which would help us out tremendously.

3.2 was moved into Le Catelet, 4.3 remained in Bohain, 4PD HQ moved down to La Fere with 4.2, securing the South from a potential breakthrough. Even though Allies managed to cap Ham, and then Chauny after that KM unit was bounced to Krabb, they really couldn't move any further. They had an HQ and 1 brig in Peronne, another brig in Ham, but one brig still in Training. Once that comes back if it hasn't already, the South could be in trouble, as 4PD has taken a beating.

We almost had Lokeren until the Allies finally started to wake up, Gravenpolder as well. I logged off soon after around 4am....lines were stable and covered, aside from losing towns in the far South (which I didn't worry about), we have gained Le Catelet.

Animerlz and Stall84 did awesome jobs as Map. - Devildawg

I wanted to include these AARs to show you some of the work that takes place behind the scenes.  Our axis officers are dedicated to working hard for the axis players so we can all have fun in the game.  If you or your team axis squad has some AARs you would like to submit, please send them to me via forum pm, I would love to read them.

I would like to point out that positions are still available in the axis high command.  We have received a large influx of players who want to try out the OKW and contribute to helping team axis and the axis players.  Although the Kriegsmarine is almost completely full, we have immediate positions available in the Luftwaffe and Heer.  If you ever thought about joining the high command, I would encourage you to give it a shot and see if you like it.


Player of the Week:
Helpme3: Helpme3 is always stepping and asking to oic a brigade for an attack or defense.  He helps his fellow players by forming panzer columns, leading massive paradrops and generally just being a real PITA to our enemies.  Helpme3 is a dedicated team axis player and knows the value of coordinating his fellow players which in turn ensures that everyone has fun.  Thank you Helpme3 for all you do for team axis! S! Alphie

Officer of the Week:
Ssgtvrab: Ssgtvrab is one of those officers who is always dedicated to team axis and doesn’t shy away from taking on the responsibilities of map oic and training his fellow officers.  His advice and communication with the members of team axis is invaluable.  Thank you for the work you do for the OKW ssg, we are a much better organization because of your efforts.

Other awards this week:

Tempest - Order of V-Rab

Wcso – FB Offense

Hedkvist, Danner, Godzuki, 3rd Gebergs Squad– FB Defense

Pzman41 and Houpla – Meritorious Service Cross

3rd Gebergs Squad – Supply Badge

3rd Fallschirmjager Squad – Bronze Fallschirmjager badge

JG51 Squad - Für Ehrenhafte Aufgaben

Remember team axis, this campaign is far from over, although we have the allies about where we want them, anything can happen.  It’s up to us all to be diligent and fight smart in order to keep pushing west.  Use teamwork and communicate often, we are indeed counting on each other.  Excellent week and I look forward to the battles ahead.

Yours in team axis,

- Alphie, Axis CinC