Community Report 03-13-09

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I'd like to kick off this community report with shout-out to all of those guys who not only play our game, but actively promote it. Thanks to the hard work of people like Soloje, Tettie, OpusXxX, Frantish and many others, BE has been featured in magazines, on websites, TV programs and during events.  Word of mouth from our dedicated and enthusiastic player base is a great way to promote the game, so to help, we'll be putting together a new and improved "Fan Kit" which will include banners, forum avatars, email sigs and more. Thanks to anyone who has recruited new players, you rock!

From the Desk of the Special Events Director

Hello Everyone, We have been kind of quiet in the Special Events department lately. Sometimes things come up and we have to put RL priorities ahead of everything else, sadly enough, even this awesome game we are a part of.
I'm currently busy working on Intermission #51 right now and that’s keeping me busy. I'm also working on another project right now that will hopefully bring some fun to the playerbase and even the HC's CinC Staff Officers on both sides. I can't say this is a sealed deal yet as I have to get a few things worked out and get the HC's on board with this, missions scheduled, and things like that stuff, you know, the minor details  hehehehe. But I do have the 1st mission written for this project.
Malize is working on one of his Special Projects. This looks like it could turn out to be an Event that may be as good as his Pearl Harbor Event. The Eben Emael (Operation Granit & Breton) will take place on May 9th, 2009. You can find the mission information and sign up sheet in this thread.  I hope that you'll take a look at this mission and come Join us on May 9th, 2009 and come have some Fun. We're trying to make this a "Special" Mission, so keep up on this Events updates.
Now onto some Serious Business. As Doc has stated, the Intermissions will no longer be written by him and that Intermissions have been turned over the Special Events Team. We hope that we can provide some interesting Intermissions for the playerbase. You may see some poll questions as you log into the game about Intermissions. I'd like to ask all of you, to please answer them as honestly as you can. I'd like to use the poll results to help us lay out Intermissions that will be "Fun" for you the playerbase, and will look forward to playing in at the end of a campaign. We'd like to invite anyone who has an Intermission idea that can be run for 48 hours to please lay out the idea in writing, make it as detailed as you can (Front line unit placements, town ownerships, Objectives to achieve, Ect.), the more details included the better it is for us to lay out the battlefield and look at the set up and see how it may layout during the 48 hours Intermissions normally run. Suggestions, serious ones please, for an Intermission, can post them in the Special Events Forums. Be prepared to have your battle plan ready to go.


From the Desk of the Lead Game Moderator

I would like to remind everyone that the Help Channel is there for help with game related questions. This channel is for this purpose only. This community has assigned Trainers that monitor the Help Channel to provide assistance to those that request it. The GMs also monitor this channel, not only to ensure it is being used correctly, but to assist if there happens not to be an assigned Trainer in game, which is rare.

The Ops Channel has been designated by CRS to be used for Strategic / Operational chat only. This channel is also monitored by the GMs and it’s use will be enforced. 

The Side channel has been designated as the Off Topic Channel. However, it’s use is still to remain within the guidelines of the Terms of Service.  

As with all “open” channels in Battle Ground Europe, the use of said channel is governed by the Terms of Service. As stated above, the GMs will enforce the use of these communication channels.

If any player needs help in game do not hesitate to /report it. However, the GMs are not allowed to directly communicate to the player that submit’s the report.  GMs cannot however help with game code issues. 

Lead GM

From the Desk of the Lead Forum Moderator

Overall, things have been going smoothly this week.  As the game developers move closer to 1.30, interest in its features and a possible open beta have sparked some discussions.  Recent map movements have also lead to discussions on movement rules for cut off units.  On the moderator front, I have begun looking at the coverage of moderators, and we might be adding some new names to the mod list soon.  We're looking for a few people to join the team. If  you know someone with a thick skin, level head and a clean TOS record, please send me a PM to nominate them.



From the Desk of the Lead Trainer

This past few days saw some trouble with the Training server, people were unable to log in. BLOO and KFS1 have sorted the issue out. We apologize for the inconvenience! We're back up and running and still looking for a few good men/women to help noobs become vets.


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