Community Report 1-11-09

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Hello Everyone!  The game is full swing, lots of incredible battles, great leadership and fantastic support from squad leaders!  Communication on both sides seems to be at an all time high and we are very pleased to see all of the teamwork.  The game depends on you reaching out to not only help others but give direction to where the fun is.  If you are experienced we count on you to help those that are new to the game and we are very thankful for everyone that participates at that level. 

Remember, there is a "help" channel and if you like to help the "green tags" keep that tuned.  If you see an issue in game, a problem that needs to be taken care of immediately we have a great team behind the scenes called In-Game Managers that will respond to any /report.  They will not let you know they have taken care of the issue but we need you to trust in the system.  New RDP is in the game, so have a great week and Have Fun!

From the desk of the High Command Liaison: 

Our High Command Officers on both sides are constantly displaying leadership and dedication in their duties.  Along with the players, they are making this map a great one!   WOOT!
I wish I had time to personally thank each and every Officer as they are all fine examples for our players.  I would like to take time and thank Rodlee and Tomba for their service, their work will stand out in the history of the High Commands.  I hereby award them the “High Command Sheep Award” for outstanding service.   Congratulations!
We have openings in both Commands for players who want to step up and help.  Contact one of the High Command Officers next time you are in game!
Every Officer in both commands deserves your thanks for their service and commitment.  Please make sure to thank them next time you see them for making the hard choices and of course;  MAKING THE GAME FUN!!!
    -John “SIRBENNY” Cossarek

From the Desk of the Allied Commander in Chief: (from the United States)

Again we seem to be playing back and forth along the fronts.  Massive influx of Axis players during the holidays made for a difficult Christmas present for the Allies – but we held the lines and have pushed in some key areas.  Quite a few changes in our Orbat and upper leadership as we continue to prepare for Joker’s term as CINC.  There has been some TREMENDOUS Air combat over the central Front this past week.  I have NEVER seen so many planes in the air around Brussels and Antwerp.  The RDP changes to Axis supply of course brought the expected increase in Axis player population but we have done a fine job of countering that with inspired play especially in the Zeelands area.

Allied Player of the Week
This week’s Allied Player of the Week is Oxo – During the battle of Egheeze on 2nd January, Oxo’s communication was vital in destroying a number of Axis tanks and in the overall defensive effort in the town. Oxo co-operated fully with the defence OIC and played alongside his Allied teammates in a brilliant display of discipline and skill, not only scoring kills himself but also making it possible for other players to achieve the same. Congratulations and well deserved Oxo!

 Allied Officer of the Week
This week I wish to recognize Tomba as Allied Officer of the Week – He has done a fantastic job as AFR CO and has had to step down due to RL Issues – mature beyond his young years, he has been a consistent asset to the team and a fantastic battlefield commander and organizer.  His leadership and attitude will be sorely missed.  Thanks for a job well done Tomba, come back soon.


Elflord lateral move 1ID to 2ID
Fenir transfer from ArFr
Zweihund placed
R4id placed

  -Ltibbs, Allied CinC

From the Desk of the Axis Commander in Chief: (from spain)

S! great battles in all sectors, our troops leaded by brilliants officers and showing a great teamwork has been gaining ground reaching positions close to antwerp and brussels.
Despesperates allied atacks surprised us, but after reorganitation our troops gaining ground at south flanking enemy positions near Rethel.

Great operations has succeed and playerbase is getting tons of fun, squads are waking up and taking responsability to lead atacks  , and playerbase form a great group.
As your commander im very proud of skills that you showed last weeks, but our enemies are powerful and we need to be constant in our efforts to reach the victory.
This will not be an easy campaign and we know, we need to keep comunication , and teamwork, if we use these 2 factors and join the GET FUN order, im sure it will be a perfect cocktail.
IKW are trainig more and more cadets at OCS and this increase our numbers at OKW but we still need officers in Australian time zone, if u want join us , feel free to do it!!!! you will be welcome!!!

Our player of the week is Vagnluv , as KGW CO he gave tons of fun to playerbase OKW and  other squads, our enemies are scared of KGW operations, KGW they form a fantastic squad where all is possible when they online and they did a lot under vagnluv command. Man, i will miss you!!!! we all miss you!!!!!!! But we will find you in battlefield , im sure of it.

Our officer of the week is ereck he is always working in the dark , great leader , his organitations skills are very appreciate for all officers that work with him.

  -Toro15, Axis Cinc

From the Desk of the Lead Community Moderator:

Its been a good few weeks in the forums.  With the Welcome Back Soldier program we have been seeing alot of old friends stopping in to say hi.  I would also like to take this time to recognize as a group those players who help out other players in the Community Support forums.  A couple who stand out are lazyboy and ahwulf.  They are not alone, but they are two active players willing to offer advice in the Windows Community Support and Mac Community Support (respectively) forums.

Also, on a sadder note, there are a couple of threads about fallen community members.  If you wish, feel free to stop in and express any thoughts/remembrances.
Gillis thread -  Click Here
ConessIV - Click Here
HC2 (older thread) - Click Here

  -Schulz, Lead Moderator

From the Desk of the Special Events Director:

We have a full month of Events for December, but if I recall correctly, the only one that really went well was the "Pearl Harbor" Event. We ended up canceling the last 3 Events, 2 were due to lack of Numbers.

January has several Special Events scheduled .......
10th - The March - Infantry Event
17th - River Rush - Farmile & Infantry Event
24th - A City Divided - Infantry Event
31st - Rescheduled- TF: Montreuil - Squad / Team Challenge Infantry Event

You can find these Missions posted in the Special Events forums. They will have the Mission information, Date, Objectives, and a Sign-up sheet. We at the Special Events hope that you'll come enjoy a different type of game play and join us for some of these combat missions. We always need Commanders for these combat missions, so if you'd like to see if you have what it takes to Command your team to a Victory in one of the Special Events find one you like and give your combat leadership skills a try.

  -Jammyman, Special Events Program Director / Intermission Scenario Development

Video of the Week:   (from my boss of course.......)

LOL.....See ya!!  -LATHAM