Community Report 1-16-09

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Hello Everyone!
A glance at the map is showing us that teamwork on both sides is creating some seriously epic battles.  Participation at all levels are excellent and the dedication is really showing how good the leadership is in game.  I have also had good response to the squad information.

So far I have received 30 different squad "profiles".  If your squad has yet to respond you still have plenty of time.  Send the email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  type in the subject "squad information".  Enjoy the rest of the reports below!
-Latham, Community Manager

From the desk of the Community High Command Liaison:
Allies break out!   Axis come back!   What a week this has been for the High Commands!!   I have been there myself for some very fierce battles.  Congratulations to both commands for a fantastic show.   THIS IS SERIOUS FUN!!! 
We have openings in both commands for players who want to step up and help.  Contact one of the High Command Officers next time you are in game.
Officers in both commands deserves your thanks for their service and commitment.  Please make sure to thank them next time you see them for making the hard choices and, of course,  for making the game fun!
-John “SIRBENNY” Cossarek

From the desk of the Lead Forum Moderator:
Biggest news on the forums this week is the announcement by DOC that they are planning on remodelling the 110c-4b into the 110F-B.  You can chime in in the following thread by clicking here. It sounds like it will be quite a nice improvement for Tier 1 for the Luftwaffe.
I would also like to mention the Training Forum.  This is a good but under utilized resource on the forums for both new and old players alike. Click here for the training forum.

From the desk of the Special Events Director and intermission scenerio development:
This coming Saturday, the 17th we have another Special Event combat mission scheduled for you guys and gals. This week’s combat mission was designed by team member "Germany".
"River Rush"
When: January 17th, 2009
Time: 2:00 Central USA Time (GMT-6)
Where: Training Server
Mission: Fairmile/Infantry Battle
You can find Details for this mission and the signup sheet for this combat mission in this thread .....

Here are the rest of the Special Events that have been scheduled for January .....
24th - A City Divided, an infantry battle in the city of Canterbury. Signups and information can be found in this thread .....
31st - Rescheduled- TF: Montreuil, Team Fortress is an infantry challenge for teams or squads to participate in. Signups and information can be found in this thread ..... 

From the desk of the Lead Game Manager:
The Game Managers are really excited to see such an influx of new players to the game. This community has a passion for this game that is unmatched by any other in our opinion. We welcome all new players but ask that they become familiar with the Terms of Service located here
With all the new players lately, the Game Managers have seen an increase of some reports submitted by players. At  this point I would like to point out some of the most reported infractions of the Terms of Service:

Political remarks of the game era, particularly of Party names, are not allowed on open chat in Battle Ground Europe. This game is played all over the world and in some countries referral to political parties of the game era is against the law. So any reports received or chat observed on open channels in reference to these parties will be dealt with.

Also, any reported or observed cheating will not be tolerated. Again, this is covered completely in the Terms of Service. Any game cheating can result in a minimum two day ban to a permanent ban of the player’s account. This community will not tolerate any form of cheating which takes away from the enjoyment of the game for others.

Game Managers are players of the game just like everyone else. The only difference is that we also volunteer our time to help other players. If you need help in game just /report it. However, Game Managers cannot help with Game Code and we will not respond with chat to your report.         

From the desk of the Axis Commander in Chief:
BE calm!!! Great atack from Allies that took advantage of the only weak spot we had in our lines, and forced a breakout. There were hard moments for Axis, with Allied hordes at Masseik and with our side in a total chaos. But we reacted, the Axis troops showing us again a great improvement and a fantastic teamwork and began a push west , recapturing the dangerous ground we lost in the north.
With the fall of Hasselt, our troops recovered the initiative. Allies lost their momentum and the Axis machine is again rolling to west.
I know that you saw dark clouds on our horizon, but I request that you be loyal to our dogma, we are axis, our fighting spirit is enough to turn worse campaigns than this.
When our comunication works nothing can stop us. Christmas holidays have passed and real life duties return. I'm sure you are giving your best this campaign.
I ask you to comunicate to your squads , comunicate to your friends and comunicate to your enemies, that Axis power is risen again.

A perfect example of this and teamwork is dwarf007... I have never seen such a dedicated player, working always as transport, pilot, leading paratroops, helping Kriegsmarine etc etc, his dedication and loyalty to the axis playerbase is becoming legendendart, for this reason I nominate dwarf007 AXIS PLAYER OF THE WEEK.

In the officers pool, it's hard to nominate an officer, the fantastic work they did in the last days deserves a nomination, but I have decided to nominate as Officer of the week ereck. Since he reached high command his work in the shadows has been impressive, a magnificent support for some of us, ereck is always ready to do all the admin tasks that officers hate to do. A body needs blood to work, we are a perfect machine due officers like ereck , always working in the darkness for the good of the comunity.

I want to announce the retirement of Rodlee, one of the best officers I have had the pleasure to work with in my OKW career, but I'm happy to announce the new chain of command, Fiambre as CoS and Westwild as DCoS. Very brilliant officers that don't need introductions to the axis playerbase. All of them knows Fiambres and westwilds dedication and leadership skills. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!
But I'm sure that you ask yourselve about...

Our future...?  Great battles will appear and we must be ready to fight. I ask for playerbase, trust!!! Our officers are doing a fantastic job, and for this reason I ask to Axis officers give us their best for this axis community that im sure deserve it. Don't let our morale fall, thats the only thing I am afraid of, we are axis and we are able to win this campaign but we need faith and need be a team as we were until last week.

Check out the current state of the map by clicking here!

No Allied report at presstime.

Videos of the Week:

Extremely fast paced...

Extremely slow paced...

Psycho with a knife!... 

Have a great week!  -Latham