Community Report 1-23-09

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I hope everyone's week went well and you're all gearing up for a relaxing weekend.  As the weekend starts a new RDP cycle will be hitting so new equipment will be out there to help both sides out.  There has been a lot of excitement and activity in game this week.  Enjoy the reports and have fun!

From the desk of the Community High Command Liaison:

Commander in Chiefs Ltibbs and Toro15 have been giving us a great show this week.  Their staff of dedicated officers have been busy providing the players fun.  Thank you!
In the eight years I have been here in the game I have seen High Command officers come and go with regularity. Those coming in tend to balance those going out. We have had some GREAT officers over the years. Thinking about giving the High Command a try?  DO IT!   It’s tons of fun and you are helping out your fellow players.

We have openings in both Commands for players who want to step up and help.  Contact one of the High Command officers next time you are in game.
Every officer in both commands deserve your thanks for their service and commitment.  Please make sure to thank them next time you see them for making the hard choices and of course,  MAKING THE GAME FUN!!!

-John “Sirbenny” Cossarek

From the desk of the Lead In-Game Manger:

With all the new players lately, the Game Managers have seen an increase of some reports submitted by players. The Community Leaders are excited to see the influx of new players to this game we all are so dedicated to. With that we also ask that all players become reacquainted with the Terms of Service.
I would like to point out a couple of the most reported infractions of the Terms of Service in game. As I stated last week, this game is enjoyed by players around the world. With that said there are certain rules we all agree to when we join the game.

Any reported or observed racial remarks will be investigated and acted upon appropriately. This also includes personal attacks on other players in any form.
Enemy infantry and especially enemy paras are not allowed in spawn areas of depots. They are also not allowed in forward base infantry spawns. Any reported or observed infractions of this rule will be dealt with in the most expeditious manner to include removal from the game at the time of the infraction.         
Have a great week and see ya in game.


From the desk of the Special Events Program and Intermission Development Director:

This week’s Special Event, on the 24th - "A City Divided", an infantry battle in the city of Canterbury. Signups and information can be found in this thread.
Next week’s Special event on the 31st - Rescheduled- "LTS: Montreuil". Last Team Standing is an infantry challenge for teams or squads to participate in. Signups and information can be found in this thread.

This week, I'd like to announce a new member of the Special Events Team, Please help us welcome Killa345 to the team. We look forward to having you join us and look forward to playing in your Special Events. 

From the desk of the Lead Moderator:

Unfortunately, the main news on the forums this week is the passing of a young player.  Jani Summala, known simply as summala to players, died this
past weekend in Finland.  There are a couple stickied threads in the Hangar where players can post condolences click here.

Another thread where players are planning a memorial service for this weekend, check it out by clicking here.

- Schulz

From the Desk of the Allied Commander in Chief:

The map has made progress this week. Over the weekend, we had made a considerable bulge in their lines during High POP, but they moved bde’s down and countered our push. We’ve managed to keep the lines in place in the middle. The south at the moment has been slightly pushed west. In the North, we still have a buffer around Antwerp which we have maintained all week. And as always, Diest and St. Truiden have proved to be un-keepable with one brigade.

Allied Player of The Week - Stelgard
Stelgard has been a LONG term Allied player who excels at ATG defense.  On Numerous occasions this week he has joined his squad on KEY city and FB defense.  Throughout his career he has been seen slowly toting his beloved 6 pounder long distances to setup the PERFECT ambush site.  This in spite of personal health issues as a result of heroic service to the US military.  Stelgard is an inspiration to all those around him.  We need more like him.


Allied Officer of The Week -  Dfadd
This week of up and down captures and back and forth battles, Dfadd has shown a consistent commitment to AHC tactics and policy and making every effort to break the stalemate.  He has done a fantastic job of defending bunkers and sets the standard for quick response time for his fellow officers.  Thanks Dfadd!

Promotions / Retirements / Transfers / Initial Placement
Greatone – to Branch CO of MarNat
Owensm - to CO of La Flotte De Guerre
Inchfan – to CO of FM Forces Maritimes du Nord
Bmer – to CO of 1Re Division De Ligne Division
Jcoxxa – to CO of Force de l'Atlantique
Klemzig - to Corp Cav XO
P22a45 - to XO of GB 1/12
Btiger - to CO of GB III/12
Cavalier - to XXO of 2e DLM 4e Brigade (LOA)
Hawker14 - to XO of GB III/12 BEF
Shad0w64 - to Country CoS
Jamieg - to I Corps DXO
Starship - to 2ID DXO
Semperdie - to 2AB CO
Fenir to 5IB XO
Hiiamben - from RAF CO to BAFF CO
Tass248 - placed
Catamole - to Branch CO
Bondpaul - placed
Edmond - honourably discharged
Wolfv - honourably discharged
Patti - honourably discharged
Genxs - honourably discharged
Skyfallr - honourably discharged

Awards: Officer Recognised  Award
Aussie05  - Mention in Dispatch Silver Star
Georgh  - Mention in Dispatch Silver Star
Dfadd  - Individual Citation
Kenney  - Mention in Dispatch Bronze Star

Respectfully Submitted


From the desk of the Axis Commander in Chief:

Dear Axis Players,
This last week has been the hardest week I have had as an Axis officer. This last weekend our dear friend Summala left us , we dont know what happened to him, but his body was found, it seems, in his harbour home city 2 days after he dissapeared. We are working on a memorial for this weekend. More information will appear at axis forums , and if you like join it, we would be happy to have you.
About the map, our troops keep pushing hard to the west, and the allied hordes has been forced to a massive withdrawal. The  last few days we saw great advances from the Axis side.

The constant comunications between OKW and the playerbase and squads is the cause.
Hondo17 officially joined the Axis Cinc staff and will work only to improve comunications between OKW and squads.
Keep the good job mates!!! And keep pushing!!!


Some of you will ask yourself why Summala 2 times, its easy , he was a very good player before join OKW and was very good officer while he was in OKW,always helping, always leading playerbase, and example by all of us.


Videos of the week:

We hope you enjoyed them, Have Fun! -LATHAM