Community Report 1-30-09

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Perception means the act or faculty of apprehending by means of the senses or of the mind; cognition; understanding.  So many aspects to the game relate to this word.  This word can make or break the morale of an entire side, brigade, or squad.

Many times, especially in emails I receive and forum posts the perception can really take a toll on whether or not someone wants to continue play for a few days and possibly end their subscription.  Lately, I see forum posts and in game chatter about many fallacies because of a "bad" perception.  Most of the time I let them run their course because in the end most see the light at the end of the tunnel.  But there is always two sides, so keep an open mind and try not to get to frustrated.  Rumors are just that and facts are hard to find.

The most popular false perceptions:
CRS makes (insert side)'s equipment better for the (insert side)'s.
Moderators and GM's are (insert side) bias.
Spawn timers are delayed to hurt the side with the most towns.
High Command members are a secret society.
OKW is a political reference for neo-nazism.
ohh.. and no Motormouth isn't named that because she talks a lot! /rollseyes :)

Have a great week...  Enjoy the reports below! 
LATHAM, Community Manager

From the desk of the Community High Command Liaison:

News from the high commands-
Jeri Ryan, my favorite Borg, seems to have infiltrated the highest levels of the Allied High Command!    The Allies are using secret Borg technology to move their forces east.
And it’s working!  Ltibbs was reported to have said, ”Dude…. Have you seen her in that shiny silver suit, what else is there?”   Toro15, hearing of the Borg invasion, is attempting to find Capt Picard for a secret opel rush.  Rumor has it Fiambre is trying a new Vulcan sheep technology in an attempt to counter the Borg threat.
Stop and chat with one of your High Command Officers in game for details….. hey… maybe you would like to be an “OIC” and try out this command stuff, IT ROCKS!
We have openings in both Commands for players who want to step up and help.  Contact one of the High Command Officers next time you are in game!
Every Officer in both commands deserves your thanks for their service and commitment.  Please make sure to thank them next time you see them for making the hard choices and of course;  MAKING THE GAME FUN!!!

-John “SIRBENNY” Cossarek

From the desk of the Special Events Director:

This week’s Special Event, on Saturday the 31st - Rescheduled- LTS: Montreuil, Last Team Standing is an Infantry Challenge for Teams or Squads to participate in. Signups and information can be found in this thread ..... I really do not have a lot to tell everyone this week, I've been in game having fun and playing. Next week I'll try to add a little more and talk about a few of the projects I'm working on.

-JAMMYMAN, Special Events Program Director / Intermission Scenario Development

From the desk of the Community Training Director:

Since being appointed I've been sniffing around for more Trainers to help me and the crew to monitor the Help channel and help out new recruits wherever we find them. If you are interested please PM me in the forums, I am aiming to get 24-hour coverage of the help channel on both Allied and Axis sides in order to give new guys the best chance they have of getting into and enjoying the game. Hopefully my new guys will receive their tools soon and I can introduce them all by name!

-Chris "Fearny" Fearn

From the desk of the Lead In-Game Manager:

This week I would like to remind everyone that the Help Channel is there for help with game related questions. This channel is for this purpose only. This community has assigned Trainers that monitor the Help Channel to provide assistance to those that request it. The Game Managers also monitor this channel, not only to ensure it is being used correctly, but to assist if there happens not to be an assigned Trainer in game, which is rare.
The Ops Channel has been designated by CRS to be used for Strategic / Operational chat only. This channel is also monitored by the Game Managers and it’s use will be enforced. 
The Side channel has been designated as the Off Topic Channel. However, it’s use is still to remain within the guidelines of the Terms of Service.  
As with all “open” channels in BattleGround Europe, the use of said channel is governed by the Terms of Service. As stated above, the Game Managers will enforce the use of these communication channels.
If any player needs help in game do not hesitate to /report it. However, the Game Managers are not allowed to directly communicate to the player that submit’s the report.  Game Managers cannot however help with game code issues.          
Have a great week and see ya in game.


From the desk of the Allied Commander in Chief:

The fighting has been punishing this week with some epic defensive action along the southern flank, at Buzancy, Ste. Men and Betheniville coming to mind. Allied forces had been forced back in the north, with robust retreats from Hasselt and Diest, however, Allied forces have just broken through in the south, so I fully expect next week’s report to be written from the newly established British HQ in Berlin!

Allied Player of The Week - thebog
This player racks up many hours on freighter duties. 1 day alone he spent 320 minutes on 6 missions working to get MSPs to BOZ.  He communicates well & is always willing to go above & beyond. This selfless and patient player has shown a commitment to the ENTIRE Allied side – particularly in the naval theatre which can be difficult at times when resources are diverted to assaults on large cities in the interior.  One of the many QUIET leaders we have in the Playerbase.


Allied Officer of The WeekFruitgum
Fruitgum has shown constant dedication to the needs of the allied navies, spawning in as whatever unit is required running defence of naval towns and assisting with Zeeland assaults.  During the strong Axis push in the south this week, Fruit led his fellow Naval officers on heroic defences of Gorisboek, BOZ, Krabbendike.  His leadership and attitude contributed greatly to our ability to HOLD the line at this crucial juncture.


Promotions Transfers / Initial Placement
French Officers
Nobipure – to CO of V Corp
Dolphin - to CO of 2LMD Div
Frogdeth – to XO of 2LMD Div
Darkvex – to CO of 2eme-22e Reg.
Monsjoex – to XXO of III Corp
Ce – to CO of III Corp.
Darthvader – to CO of 1re Div.
Crim286 – to XO of 1re Div.
Sydney – to XXO of 2eme Div.
Harrisc1 – to CO of 12e Div.
Benigni - to CO of 12e 1ere Div.
Wolfboy – to XXO of 1re Div.
Chesehed – to XXO of III Corp
Thechort – to XXO of 5eme-14e Reg.

British Officers
Starship: 2ID DXO to 2ID XO
Fenir: 5IB XO to 5IB CO
Tass248: RAF to 5th Inf Bde DXO
Thumper5: 75SQ CO to 70BW CO
Officer's Being Recognized 
Oneupu2, individual citation
Tass248,individual citation  
Jpanzerj, individual citation  
Kenney, individual citation  
Starship, Army Medal, Army Gallantry
Jamieg, Army Gallantry, Jump Master Gold

Respectfully Submitted
-Ltibbs, CinC

From the desk of the Axis Commander in Chief:

S! Troops, another  hard week for our side.  Last week I requested your trust in our armies, we lost ground, yes, but we will survive. We only need to hold, Allies got a moment but if we fail in our confidence we are doomed.  Time to wake up and use our best teamwork, we are a  family, only need to show it.

Player of the week: zkai, always helping, always leading and always using his squad to help axis get the victory.

Officer of the week: Mattwitt, because he got the courage to do what was needed to reinforce our lines. GOOD JOB MATE!!!

-Toro15, CinC

Videos of the Week:  Send submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Have Fun! -LATHAM