Community Report 11-21-2008

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LATHAMHello Everyone!  This campaign has really been active in movement.  Defense and attack objectives have been extremely active and a lot of good movements has happened because of teamwork in the High Commands of both sides.  Topd and I have seen a lot of great improvements to the design and implementation of different strategies and communication resources.   We look forward to an upswing of squad recruitment and overall game action as the holidays draw some new players our way!

Topd and I want to make sure that those of you that are Community Trainers, Community Forum Moderators, any and all involved with special events as well in-game managers are thanked for everything you do to keep this game fun and fair for everyone!

IF you wish to join one of these groups of community volunteers please send and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he will forward your request to the proper leadership of that particular group. 

Have a great week, and Have Fun and Enjoy the Commanders in Chief Reports!

-Latham, Community Manager

From the desk of the Allied Commander in Chief Ltibbs....

Well the continued merry go round of officer movements continues.  As was mentioned – CE was too quick to resign and is now waiting his 30 day period.  Our senior command levels from Country to CINC staff is strong and on the same page after 2 weeks of adjustments.  Allies have implemented a new joint-paperwork policy to improve ADMIN procedures.

On the battlefield – Still quite a stalemate along the south and central fronts but the Allies successfully stopped a MAJOR Axis Offensive in the North that threatened to Surround Eindhoven.  We have since created a strong buffer in that zone of operations.

Allied Player of the Week
This week’s Allied Player of the Week is Rick1945 – He has been our Paratrooper Maniac for this entire campaign.  Rick has shown a fearless willingness to drop on any target to help either attack or defend since day 1.  His attitude and fighting spirit is a key reason we have stopped the Axis cold on their northern Offensive.  Outstanding effort Rick1945!

Allied Officer of the Week
Salador – long time Anzac player and consistent map mover and battlefield commander.  During the last two weeks, Sal has show calm leadership and a willingness to fight anywhere he is needed, quietly performing any task assigned to him and taking initiative on a regular basis to help newer and young officers and players learn the ropes and fight our battles.  Great to have you back Sal!

Trekman to French CoS
Jamm40 to ArFr Army Branch CO
Khsolo to FAF Group XO
Rokal retired from ArFr Army Div XO
Casey79 moved to FAF Brigade CO from FAF Group CO per his own request BEF
Bopac to I Corp XO     Jrbcan41 to I Corp XXO
Devil505 to 1st Inf Div XXO    Medic18 to 3rd Com CO
Ccso504 1st Airb Div CO    Jpanzerj to 1st Airb Div XO
Desouzaj to 2nd Inf Div CO    Rusticus to 2nd Inf Div XO
Elflord to 4th Inf Bde XO     Genxs to 5th Inf Bde CO
Patti I Corp XO to 1st Guards Bde XXO   Rmwln BAF XO to 61SQ XXO
Woodbine honourably discharged   Georgh Branch XO to CO
Catamole Admiralty CO to Branch XO   Ibe37 Branch CO to Admiralty CO
Dfadd honourably discharged    Retterkl switch to ArFr

Thanks Guys

From the desk of the Axis Commander in Chief Gaspipe....

We are fighting to hold on to Maubeuge has been the hardest fight I have seen in game for years.  The Allied are taking every path to that air field but we have not let them take it.  Great work all!

Communication is the key tune Chan 10 Heer 20 LW 30 KM.

Report – Xl2dylar 27 id CO
My last report as a 27.ID Officer. Things have gone well and we have a good group of officers here. There have been some small issues but nothing we could not handle. Time zone differences being the biggest hurdle was easily overcome. This week I took BC only once and we had some good with the bad, but easily it was much better than it's been.

I am requesting Akask1 take over as CO of 27.ID once I leave. I have indicated to him my wishes and he has accepted. I have also suggested he consider Krhkmies move up as well to the XO spot. That is however his choice not mine. I have also suggested the consider Zeta as their XXO, with Dekumpel as a second choice and Nup as the third. Zeta has commitments to the IKW but may take the duty, Dekumpel a great officer has been low on activity of late, and Nup recently was promoted and is a very active, well versed officer and commander. 
Congrats Xl2dylar on your promotion to XIX Korps!

Officer of the week:
Xfire1:  For actions involving out standing communications and team work.

Player of the week: Tootalll
Always helpful, always driving MSs and brining ammo. Always where needed the most.
Zeta XIX.AK 27.Infanterie 1.Kampfgruppe


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