Community Report 12-13-08

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Hello WWIIOL: BE Community!
I hope everyone’s week went well, and everyone gets a lot of game time in for the weekend.  The new patch is out and running very well, a new tier of equipment hit yesterday morning, and Doc is driving me nuts! (Oh.. wait, that isn’t new!)

Over all, this community and everyone that helps run things behind the scenes to ensure you have a fun and fair gaming environment is the best!  Please read on to see what all of the different area heads have been up to this past week.  If you feel that you can add to a specific group, send the program heads a forum private message.  Thank you for all of your participation, see you in-game!  Have Fun!

-LATHAM, Community Manager


From the desk of the Community High Command Liaison SIRBENNY:

The Allied High Command coming back from their victory last campaign is trying hard for a repeat in our new campaign.  Ltibbs and his team have shown great dedication and leadership.  They are giving the Axis Team a tough battle.

The Axis High Command has come out strong. They have shown renewed commitments to leadership and communication and it is showing on the field. Toro15 and his team continue to put up a great fight making some of the best battles I have seen in a long while.

We have openings in both Commands for players who want to step up and help.  Contact one of the High Command Officers next time you are in game!
Every Officer in both commands deserves your thanks for their service and commitment.  Please make sure to thank them next time you see them for making the hard choices and of course;  MAKING THE GAME FUN!!!

-John “Sirbenny” Cossarek, High Command Liaison to the Community Managers



From the desk of the Allied Commander in Chief, Ltibbs:

Allies are enjoying a fresh campaign with the new challenge of battling a new Axis CINC – welcome TORO15!  We look forward to defeating you! :)
Many changes since the update that the Allies have done a fantastic job adjusting to as well as facing new Axis equipment on Tier1.  Major battles have been enjoined as both Armies push as various weak spots.  It seems we have congestion in the Center – where both Armies are slugging hard to gain ground.
Allied High Command is enjoying a stability at the Senior Level that has been a tremendous asset to both the High Command and the player base.  Excellent reporting and a fantastic working environment for both the BEF and the AFR.  I have the UTMOST confidence in my country commanders Silky and Tomba.
I am also looking forward to our new CINC Joker007 – when this campaign victory is complete.  I will be turning over the reins to a competent officer and great guy.

Allied Player of the Week
This week’s Allied Player of the Week is pretty1 – but don’t let the name fool you.  This player has been a tireless warrior in this game for years and specializes in FB defense and house to house fighting.  His attitude in game is outstanding and is willing to take ANY assignment given to him by High Command and also works well with other players.  What I most appreciate about pretty1 is the time he takes to help new players get used to our beloved game.  He shows them the basics and lets them tag along on missions.  You are credit to the Allies pretty1 – SALUTE!

Allied Officer of the Week
This week I wish to recognize Jamieg as Allied Officer of the Week – a feisty Brit who takes the most boring missions and makes them enjoyable.   This week especially he was instrumental in 3 CRITICAL FB takedowns – using his second account to fly in his beloved BTZ squad, I joined them on those missions and enjoyed the comradarie and the energy and execution at attacking defended FBs.  Their actions were critical to capturing key towns in the Center during an early Allied push.  Well done Jamieg!!!

None at the moment
Orbat change:
Sabour1n transfer from ArFr
Mcafeed to ArFr Army Branch COS
Seumas13 to 1er Groupe d’Armee CO
Sgtblaze to GC21 Group de Chassee I/1 CO
Owensm to Force de L’Atlantique CO
Bundyrum to ArFr 605e XXO, Lateral Movement from RAF
Soulucky to Groupement de Chassee 21 CO

Thanks Guys
-Ltibbs, Allied CinC


From the desk of the Axis Commander in Chief, Toro15: 

AAR Haybes
After the 1st attack on Diest started to dwindle down, with supply crumbling on both sides, the decision was made to which to a new P1 attack.

Kamiman (who happened to do a good job as BC, also one of my 2.2FJ subordinates) was BC and called for an attack on Haybes, all he needed was an OIC for the attack. At first, I was reluctant to do so, considering my strength is in a defense of a town, not attacking. However, since I didn't see anyone take up the reins, I stood up to the challenge. I stated what I wanted done, and the BC agreed with me. So I setup multiple MS's into town (myself and blue tags setting it up). 17.3 came down from Wellin into Gedinne to support the ATG effort, considering 17.1 only had 1 88. 17.3 came in, I called for 88s to spawn at FB, only 2 showed up. PZs were inb to town and we had boots in the city already, with multiple CPs capped and guarded, and SSgtvrab flew non-stop Paradrops from Bertrix. Reports came in that Allies were slow to react and that nothing left the AB yet.
I towed the two 88s to the S hill, another HT and bofors was already there. The 88s setup and we had inf in the bunker waiting on radio. Whatever ETs spawned where quickly dispatched by the 88s, and I informed all PZs in town to not worry about any ET problem coming outta the AB, so they resumed just support infantry duties. I was inbound to the S hill with an Opel to setup MS to protect 88s, but soon after, Haybes was ours.

Overall, it was a very quick attack, light resistance if any. Definition of blitzkrieg right there. AO was placed on Revin for a softcap and 17.1 moved into Haybes. I let Kamiman know to not overextend our lines and get bitten in the *** and to hold Haybes at all costs should it ever come under attack. From the looks of things, it's still ours.
It also gave me an extra boost of confidence in my attack abilities. Granted, I can do it, but I can never seem to always get the manpower to do so. That or it usually just falls apart. Like I said, I can defend like no other, attacks weren't my strongpoint. But hey...good communication, manpower, and well-thought out plan....we can pull off it off.
Generalmajor DvldawgII
Commanding Officer
2d Fallschirmjager, 2d Gruppe

Axis Officer of the Week
Galoobs-He is new officer but is alway trying to help playerbase, specially green tags, keep good communication, a good member of our future!!!!!

Player of the Week
Krebs - people that know this guy know he is one  of most dedicated and competent player in Axis side, it is time to recognize his efforts.
-Toro15, Axis CinC




From the desk of the Community Lead Moderator, Schulz: 

The forums have been active lately with discussions on brigade movements, the role of the HCs and players in general, the new planes, as well as some of the changes in the recent 1.29 patch.  Players are encouraged to contribute to these and other constructive discussions.  I have been looking at the moderation of specific sub forums, including the foreign language forums.   For those who are unaware, we have two major sub forums, for German and Spanish speakers.  In addition, we have forums for various other languages, including French, Italian, Polish, Scandinavian languages,  Japanese, and others.

Also, be sure to check out the War Stories forum.  Submit your own tale or simply read up on the exploits of fellow players.  There is even a thread of Battleground Europe player videos by clicking here

Schulz, Lead Forum Moderator



From the desk of the Community Co-Lead In-Game Managers, Troper and Wurbler:

The two of us are the only In-game managers(GM's) that are known publicly. All other GM's are required to maintain anonymity.
The Game Managers all go through a very intensive gaming background check before they become a GM. There is a strict GM Policy that all GMs are to follow. Game Managers are very mature and are in game to serve this community that we all love.

There has been some confusion lately as to the use of some channels in game, specifically Side Channel and Ops Channel. Side Channel is designated as the Off Topic channel. Ops Channel is for Operational chat only. Of course all chat on ALL channels must stay within Playnet's Terms of Service.

Lastly for this week, the Language Filter. The Language Filter is not intended to be a free pass for profanity. This game is rated M, Mature for Violent Themes and Blood. The Language Filter is there to help uphold the M rating by allowing players not wishing to see profanity to enable it. However, some players deliberately circumvent the filter and or insist on using open channels for profane topics and language (that is not caught by the filter). So the Terms of Service still apply for bad languageanbd topics in game described best in the terms of service by clicking here.
Game Managers are players of the game just like everyone else, the only difference is that we also volunteer our time to help other players. If you need help in game just type "/report". However, Game Managers cannot help with Game Code and we will not respond to your report but rest assured they are all seen.

Troper, Co-Lead Game Manager


From the desk of the Special Events Director, JAMMYMAN:

November was a very busy month for us in the Special Events department. We had 5 events in the month of November. Here are the November Events and the winners each of them.
8th - "The Convoy Part II" Naval mission (Axis Victory)
15th - "Port Authority" BoB Bombing Mission (Axis Victory)
22nd - Team Fortress: Gent Infantry Competition (69th)
28th - Battle of Ligny: Armor v. Armor (Axis Victory)
29th - Flak Valley (Jammyman) Rescheduled (Allied Victory)

On the 6th of December, we ran a "Pearl Harbor" recreation. This was an amazing event. I checked the numbers about 15 minutes before the designated start time and we had 115 with more spawning and we even got off to a late start. A good 20 minutes late if not 30. We apologize for the delay but due to a few problems some had multi-crewing the ships and getting them into their locations, we ran well past the starting gun.

After we got things going and the 1st wave of bombers entered the combat zone it was an awesome special to see. Eyup and myself had the cameras rolling. We posted our footage and then several other players took our footage and created their version of movies from the event. I'd like to thank Malize, Stu, Anfiach, and Eyup for the movies they added to the event, So there are several movies of the event posted in the Special Events forums..

I'd also like to give a big "Awesome Scenario" high 5 to Malize. This was his event that he designed and walked through from start to ginish. Your pizza and 6 pack are on the way Malize. Thank you for a great event dedicated to remembering "Pearl Harbor".

Next on my desk is another subject that I'm always happy to post about. That subject is the addition to a new member of the Special Events team. Please welcome Kobra88 as our newest member to the Special Events team. I look forward to seeing him running combat mission for you. Welcome aboard Kobra88.

We have a number of Special Events for the month of December, this Saturday, the 13th, we have a Naval Event called "Route Z : First Day at Dunkirk - Naval/Land/Air Event written by Malize. On the 20th, we have a Allied and Axis Factory Bombing raid going on at the same time, the the name, "Double Jeopardy" written by Jammyman. On the 27th, we have the Team Challenge, Team Fortress: Montreuil written by Malize.

Later on this month, being the Holidays, you never know what Santa may bring you. So keep an eye on the front page and the Special Events forums for anything that just happens to be left by Santa for you guys to come have some fun and Kill some of your favorite names of the game.

Jammyman, Special Events Director


Videos of the Week:

Joker007, Allied Chief of Staff displays how "NOT" to shoot down a plane.

Great work on this by player Hr!

If you would like to see your video in the community report send me a link.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enjoy the rest of your week, thanks again for playing WWII Online - Battleground Europe!