Community Report 2-06-09

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From the desk of the Community High Command Liaison:
CinC Toro15 and his crew of Officers managed a major breakout this week! Yoda was seen kicking some Borg behinds east. Ltibbs and his crew on the Allied side are still putting up a tough fight. AND IT’S ALL FUN! W00T!

Doc said it best this week with, “We have stalemates and breakouts. Little burps and massive coronaries. Brilliant leadership and huge mistakes. Face to muzzle close combat and mile away finger of god dispatching of the enemy. We have players who suffer a crisis of confidence and a week later, heck just a day later, they are racing through the lines and redrawing the map of conflict like they are the kings of the world. We have towns that are too easy to take, and cities that seem impossible to take, and then along comes a town that was too easy to take yesterday and today it's an 8 hour meat grinder. The city that last month was "impossible to take" falls captured and suddenly perceptions are shattered like glass. Still some hold strong against all visible evidence. In short, we have it all. You have it all. Good, bad, happy, sad, fast, slow, easy, hard, right, wrong, brilliant and insane ... the game has everything.”

Want to become part of the High Command???

Stop and chat with one of your High Command Officers in game for details….. hey… maybe you would like to be an “OIC” and try out this command stuff, IT ROCKS!
We have openings in both Commands for players who want to step up and help. Contact one of the High Command Officers next time you are in game!

Every Officer in both commands deserves your thanks for their service and commitment. Please make sure to thank them next time you see them for making the hard choices and of course MAKING THE GAME FUN!!!

- John “SIRBENNY” Cossarek

From the desk of the Special Events Director:

Hello Everyone,
This week’s Special Event is a very interesting one that Malize has set up. It’s called the "Train to Metz". Here's a brief description of the mission:
The "Trains" once started will drive on the rail lines south to their end points, if a locomotive is destroyed or immobilized it can respawn either in Trier or Metz (whichever is convenient)...if the train has no locomotives it must stop until a locomotive is present...the two "locomotives" are the only ground units allowed to respawn, all other ground units are single life.
The trains will consist of two "armored locomotives" (Sdkfz 251c) and 8 "armored rail cars" (Panzer IIC) along with 4 "flak flatcars" (4 Bofors with 4 Sdkfz7)...the Opel/Bofors combinations are the only units allowed to leave the RR Tracks in order to deploy off to the side...the other units of the train *must* continue moving forward at all times (unless the locomotives are missing)...the Sdkfz7 & Bofors are allowed to rejoin the train column afterwards (multiple bofors can be towed by a single opel)
Event Form-Up Time: 11:30 am Pacific
Event Start Time: 12:00 am Pacific
Signups and more information on this mission can be found in this thread.
I'm starting to work on a few Special projects now. One will be an HC Challenge and the other one will be a Squad challenge. I've begun work on a mission called "The Ambush" for the first HC Challenge. The HC Challenge will involve 1 or more officers from each HC CinC Staff and the objective will be for the opposing side to kill the HC CinC staff officers involved in these mission.

From the desk of the Lead Forum Moderator:

With the map moving alot this week, the forums gained alot of activity too.  Some good, some not so good.  Amongst this, a thread by KFS1 stands out.  In this thread, KFS1 discusses how AOs, brigades, etc are handled by the game and how CRS is looking at the OIC role ingame.  It also involves alot of discussion in how to work in squads more into the system. 

On another note, squads are encouraged to use the Recruiting Forum to advertise themselves.  You can post your recruitment thread here.   Please, one thread per squad though, to keep the clutter down.


From the desk of the Allied Commander in Chief:

Well it has been QUITE a week at Allied Headquarters – after a risky thrust in the Liege Area – the Axis surprised us by trapping our bulge at Namur and forcing a summary withdrawal west – losing Antwerp, Brussels, Gent, and the Zees. However, heroic defense and recovery of our lines has create a new front from Zeebrugge to Laon and the Allies are battling back. Once again all Air, Ground and Naval Forces of the Allied Armies are engaged.

Allied Player of the Week
This week’s Allied Player of the Week is Emerux – During the recent Axis Breakout, Emerux has aggressively attacked the German lines wherever possible – initiating MSPs and talking up the need to attack. His heroic actions at FBs all along the front has been noticed by many Allied officers. His aggressiveness reminds one of Patton Fantastic Effort all around, Emerux.

Allied Officer of the Week
This week I wish to recognize Fenir as Allied Officer of the Week – Despite the failure of our Allied Offensive, Fenir selflessly took responsibility and quickly rallied the Allied forces to recover from the Axis breakout – his tireless energy and positive attitude and in the wake of frustration from our fallback, he has singlehandedly devoted all of his spare time in helping us recover our lost ground. His devotion to the Allied cause and his uncanny ability to motivate all around him to push past their limits is an example to our forces and he is a valuable member of AHC. Well done Fenir!


Davidjh - placed 2 Para DXO
Desouzaj - placed 3 Comm DXO
Thumper5 - newly appointed RAF CO
Smokeeye - placed 52SQ DXO
Sgtblaze - transfer FAF to 14Gp DXO

None at this time

Legion of Valor:

Individual Citations

Navy Medal

Navy Gallantry

Thanks Guys


From the desk of the Axis Commander in Chief:

This last week our fantastic troops leaded by OKW officers made a breakout that moved us west, gaining nearly 100km! Our panzres with infantry support moved to Laon, trying to surround enemy divisions. A major withdrawal was made by the Allies , trying to hold their options to reach a victory. Morale is high, troops and OKW are showing a fantastic teamwork over the last few days. Nothing better for morale than gaining 125 towns in 30 hours!
Allies dug in west  and tried to make small breakouts, these atacks were aborted constantly by our forces, undermining Allied morale everyday.
But dont think all is done , my dear playerbase , now more than never we must push hard to west and reach the French coast, pushing the British to their islands, from where they will never leave.
This is a report from one officers that led the atack:

"It all started with Kamiman coming to KM TeamSpeak channel and discussing if it would be a good move to push a division through the Aarschot hole. I said no, but pushing 2 divisions through would be best, because that way it was harder to trap and the second division could guard it's rear and start the break. Kamiman then went to see what he could push through. At this time Turnhout was being hit very hard by the Allies, but the KM and blue tags were there fighting tooth and nail holding the Allies at bay. The Allies were beaten down to the point where they pulled the AO.
Kamiman organized all officers on the same TS channel for a battle plan. The plan was to hit Oostmalle and try to get the Allies to move a new unit in Oostmalle so we would have the timer on our side when moves in Aarschot would happen and we could race to Brussels. I told him the key town was Leuven because once we owned Leuven the Allies could not move anything in Brussels to defend.
We attacked Oostmalle KM defeneded the FB, Cougl used his LW and Kamiman and Mattwitt hit it from the ground. It wasn't much later they moved in a new unit, and the race was on.
3rd pnzr soft capped Aarschot and then leuven fast, by then the Allied did not know what hit them. The timers were on our side. When Leuven was capped I had Rmorti and Kenki get opel running to brussels while another group was going after the fb's to brussels. Kamiman asked for KM to help with the spawnable because the Allies dropped paras there. KM raced to the spawnable by opels. We got ther killed several EI that were guarding the spawn and capped it. I ordered Kenki to guard the spawn while Kamiman and I were driven to CP's by opel to cap, fastest way to cap. We were driven by Rmorti. I then had Tony122 and St101 get some 232's to AF and kill all AI. When they arrived at AF they destroyed a C-47 that was unloading paras and troops. We capped Brussels in about 30 minutes.
Once Brussels was capped Kamiman moved units in and I informed him to attack and AO all Allied units that were along the front to brussels and waste their supply so they could not use it agaisnt units moving through the hole. That is what Dinker and his men did.
The KM went after Boz and hit it full force and took it. After Boz fell KM took Zand and Kalmthout so we could start to surround Antwerp. The rest is history. It was one of the best team work attacks I have ever seen since playing this game. Comumunication was high. Speed was the whole key to this victory and everyone was one the same page. I have to Salute Kamiman for having the balls to do this. Timing was everything."

From Kriegsmarine officer: VonDoosh
Some of enemy commanders took the blame for the hole in their lines, but as you can see our officers implemented a brilliant plan to push our enemies into making a mistake.
This week there are too many OFFICERS OF THE WEEK  to choose just one, for this reason I will leave nomination empty.
The same for PLAYER OF THE WEEK and the OFFICER OF THE WEEK awarD... because the real winners this week have been ALL AXIS PLAYERS.
GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- TORO15