Community Report 6/20/08


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New Patch!! New Towns!! New Campaign!! New Rat!! New Friends!! New experiences!!

This is going to be a great week in game. The changes will keep the dynamics of the game at all time high logins and create even more fun than before. Change is great! Especially when the community is so dedicated to the same game over the years!

All of the efforts that we create for all of you seem to be well taken and we try so hard to ensure your experience doesn't remain dull or monotonous. New challenges and increased participation in game pushes the fun factor to record highs!

Only one, but very important announcement from Topd and I this week....

JAMMYMAN........... yes it is in all caps. Rick "Jammyman" Kendall has been a member of this community since the beginning. He has taken his "hobby" and climbed up the ladder in excellence. Never a biased cell in his body. He always wants to ensure fun for everyone regardless of side or squad. He was a fantastic Commander in Chief a few CinC's back, and now has been working hard with the Community Managers and PR team to keep the realism events interesting, fast paced and fun! He is also going to be working along side of us to create intermission scenarios so that even though the campaigns may be over, the fun doesn't stop.

When you see him in game, please thank him for helping us continue making this game one of the best!

Congrats JAMMYMAN!

A quick bio from him:

I've been a member of this community since July 11th 2001. I learned of WWII Online from the Gaming Group I was, and still am a member of from the PC Game Combat Flight Simulator. That was my 1st PC Game, a Flight Sim. I was Hooked and I wanted more. I wanted a Larger Playerbase and to Fight Real Players and not a Program.

When I loaded WWII Online and Updated the Several patches that took place in the 1st month, I spawned in and Joined a Mission ........ Grabbed a Stuka, went off and Bombed and FB and it was ..... "WOW" ..... this is it, this is what I'm Looking for, this is the Game for me. I've been here as a member ever since.

When RDP Bombing was introduced to WWII Online, I was ecstatic. I was on cloud 9 because that's what I Like about the Real World War, the Bombers. It was not long after that I was asked if I would like to Join the GHC (as it was called then) and Command the RDP Bombing aspect of the GHC Luftwaffe. As time passed I found myself reaching the Higher HC levels of command and eventually became the CinC of the Axis Team.

I have a Passion for writing Combat Scenarios and expressed a desire to join the Realism Events Team, which has led me to what I do now, Writing Combat Scenarios to maybe enhance the Game Play of those Community members who wish to go to a higher level of a gaming experience.

The Realism Events Team have an Infantry and an Armor event in the planning stages. Watch for the Announcements as they are Scheduled to Play.

Realism Events Program Director / Intermission Scenario Development
WWII Online Battleground Europe
Corned Rat Software / Playnet Inc
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
"Build it, and they will come"

Have a great week everyone and Have Fun!


Allied Report:

Greetings Team Allies!!!!

Well, we have reached intermission and a new horizon is in front of us. We have a lot of new changes coming to us from CRS that will add some new challenges and some great new opportunities in Campaign 45. We must take ownership of the fact that we are Team Allies and we are capable of achieving anything we focus on with full determination as a Team!!!

We will begin the new campaign as a full scale offensive. I have such absolute confidence in Team Allies that we have named campaign 45 "Operation Busted Knuckle". Details of our initial plans will be made available to all of you for the beginning of the map.

At map start Team Allies will be Busting their Knuckles on the doors of every cp or ab bunker as we move towards our objectives. We will be Busting our Knuckles on our keyboards as we communicate to each other as Team Allies players and officers.

I look forward again to being beside you in Campaign 45 in support and in field as Team Allies regains their momentum, strengthens their determination, and reunites as One Team......Team Allies!!!!

Allied Player of the Week
This week’s Allied Player of the Week is Skee53. Skee53 is a long time dedicated member of Team Allies. Skee53 is the type of Allied player who will be one of the first to show up at any attack or defense if he is needed. He plays whenever he has the opportunity whether low pop or high pop in support of our Team. Never does he worry about the results to him but always to his Team of Allies he so much enjoys. It is with great pleasure I award the Player of the Week to Skee53. Wear this ribbon with pride as you have earned it.

Allied Officer of the Week
This week’s Allied Officer of the Week is Kilemall. Kilemall has long been a loyal member of Team Allies and has served in many positions within the AHC from a field officer in the Army to a valued member of the CinC staff DDOP team. He has supported in the game with outstanding leadership and out of the game as a valued advisor. His wisdom has helped many other officers and many players in their enjoyment of the game!!! It is with great honor that I present Kilemall the Allied Officer of the Week ribbon. Wear this ribbon with pride as you have earned it.

Allied CinC



!S Komaraden

VICTORY!! *pops champagne*

I had the pleasure of participating in the final battle for the last town of the campaign, attacking Le Crotoy from the north we rebuilt the bridge and I was able to get an MS across and park it near the NAB, a massive assault ensued on the AB, I yelled "ALLIES!! YOU ARE SURROUNDED! COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP! MANOS ARRIBA!!" but they chose to fight to the last man and we obliged them, as I capped the final bunker of the game someone just 10 seconds quicker than I capped it first, GJ

Campaign #44 ribbon:

Wear it with pride men


Axis Officer of the Week: harrisc1

Always an active leader harrisc1 is the officer you'll find taking BC, running MS's, leading attacks and making sure everyone has fun

Axis Player of the Week:

I would like to nominate twobit player of the week this week. For his
dedication to the axis side, he helped cap bunker after bunker over the
last few days including attacks on June 14th, he capped 5 of the 8 last
abs on attacks on which we had started. He is a true warrior and a real
player dedicated to winning.

Axis Communications:

Heer-ch 10
Luftwaffe- ch 20
KM- ch 30

Commander in Chief of Axis Forces

Community Trainers Report:

S! All,


First off I want to Congardulate the following Trainers for their recent promotions within the Trianing Corp.


Smokeeye :- Euro TZ CO
Birdmeat :- Euro TZ XO


Both are great assets to the Corp and their contributions and dedication is appreciated.


I would also like to welcome the following Trainers to the Corp




These three Trainers are well known and respected within the CRS community. Please join me in welcoming them and congradulating them on thier new post.


Secondly,as most of you know we are holding weekly training sessions on Saturdays on the Training Server at 10am EST/3pm GMT. There are Stickies in the forums on what is being covered,with more information added. Thus far,its been an overall success. The Trianees range from '01 players to new members. You can always learn something new,no matter how long you have been playing.


Currently,the Corp is on a recruitment drive. This recruitment drive will be ending on July 1st. We are looking for the following:-


Forum Respect
Non Bias Trainers
T Server Activity
Timers/Moves/Links etc


If you are Intersted in becoming a Trainer,you can PM any trainer in or out of game and they will run you thriugh what is needed and a little test will be implemented


If you are in need of a Trianer in game,simply type .TR and a list will show who and where. Remember,we are here to help in anyway and there is no stupid question.


Listed is the Current list of CRS Trainers( No particular order )


Ce,Fearny,Smokeeye,Tempest7,Birdmeat,Chkicker,All4 u,Tiger319,Audimrfy,Jokur,Oldzeke,G3a3,Greni,Waffe n84,Surly,Kietell66,Oyaji,Themouse,Jpanzerj,Zach,E bip,
Bazso,Pauker,Jester6,Glock20 & Aeropaus


Any one of these guys are ready and willing.


So,in closing. I want to thank wach and every one of you for your great work and look forward to seeing a few more Trainers on the list by July 1st. And Thank you to the Commnity for making our job fun and enjoyable...S! All


Community Training Program Director


Realism Events Report:

The next Realism Event has not been Scheduled with a Date Yet (in about 3 weeks probally), But it will be an Infantry Realism Event. The Armor Event will be Scheduled after that. Once we make it through all the Personas, we'll start another round of Events. I'll have Details and information next week for the Event. There is a Thread in the Realism Forums with the 3 Scenarios that i'm working on. heres a Link to that Thread ......

Lindirs Realism Event Campaign is underway. Lindir needs Volunteers for the Leadership Positions in his Campaign Event Scenarios. Lindir has a Post in the Realism Events Forum for those interested in helping out with the Realism Project he is currently working on.

If you missed it, there is about 50 minutes of Video posted in the Realism Forums from the "Operation Sea Lion" Event held during CRS's Anniversary Event week.

The Realism Events Team is looking for Dedicated WWII Online Players to write, run, and officiate the Realism Events. Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send me a P.M. through the Playnet Forums. Lindir is also looking for Players to assist him.

Realism Events Program Director / Intermission Scenario Development
WWII Online Battleground Europe
Corned Rat Software / Playnet Inc

****Subscribers love watching your videos! If you are a movie maker, and have the skill I would love to post it. Shoot me the link This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.********