Community Report 7/4/08


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Hello Everyone!

It's the summer United States holiday, the 4th of July (Independence Day)! So to be quick..

The map looks great, the battles have been a lot of fun, the commanders are doing a fantastic job keeping the troops in order, and we here at Cornered Rat Software thank all of you for your support! If you are in the states, be safe with those sparklers, they sting!!

Have a great week everyone and Have Fun!


Allied Report:

Hello Team Allies,

Once again we are starting to get momentum and move the map. With the upcoming US holiday and a long weekend for many it is time we all log into the game and provide all of the support we can. Every knows that it may be that one inf that stops a key cap or takes out the et that is camping one of our vehicle spawns. And when you are in the game having fun with your fellow members of Team Allies that single inf that makes the difference can be you.

Now looking at it from the larger perspective, if a single infantry can make such a huge difference then a pair, a trio, a squad, or even all of Team Allies working together can maker even a larger impact. We must all remember the important but sometimes arduous tasks of guarding key facilities, taking down the axis fbs,
or supporting our attack objectives by running msps or bringing in any other type equipment may be the difference in our victories.

Independence comes to all of us through different ways such as the celebration this week for US citizens, and for Team Allies it is now time we all make this our Independence weekend against the Axis. It is time for us to liberate our towns from their grasp and start taking control back over our towns and much needed Airfields.

So starting Friday we need to all think with the need to Let Freedom Ring over all of Team Allies and have FUN doing so. I keep reminding and everyone must join in to remind their selves and each other that the main objective in game, over anything else, is to Have FUN while you are in game. Sure, victories are sweet, winning maps are wonderful, even defeats are bittersweet, but if we are not doing our best to strive and achieve FUN for everyone then we are not getting the most possible out of Battleground Europe, the best game online!!!

Keep striving to be better, be patient with those around you, have FUN, and I look forward to the upcoming week and being in game beside you fighting for our Team Allies Independence Day!!!

Allied Player of the Week
This week’s Allied Player of the Week is Spikey. Spikey is a true shining star for Team Allies!!! Without hesitation Spikey is continually found in a cp or in a bunker ensuring that Axis will not find it easy to cap them. He is one of the most dedicated members on our Team of Allies!! When in the field we all can appreciate the efforts that Spikey puts forth to support our objectives!! Congratulations Spikey! It is with great honor that I present you the Allied Player of The Week ribbon. Wear this ribbon with pride as you have earned it.

Allied Officer of the Week
This week’s Allied Officer of the Week is CE. CE is a sterling example of what all Allied High Commanders strive to emulate. During this past week CE has stepped up to lead many of Team Allies key attacks. This officer uses every asset at his disposal to ensure victory whenever he is called upon. His dedication and determination to succeed is what has earned him this award. Therefore, it is with great honor that I present CE the Allied Officer of the Week ribbon. Wear this ribbon with pride as you have earned it.

Tontis has been promoted to the Commander of 1er Group de Armee, ARFR


Allied CinC



!S Kameraden

Great battles this week, we held on to our gains we made last week and managed to absorb and counter an Allied attack in the north. So far this has been a great campaign, optomism is high, history is being made. Tier1 is in and we're NOT at the Venlo-Liege line thanks to the players first and foremost, to good actions by HC, FANTASTIC efforts by LW to smash the Allied factories and to recent changes to balance and fine tune the game. I think we can all agree... stalemate sux and periods of calm puncuated by heavy action is the way to have fun.

On to the awards!

It is my honor to award Frantish with the Officer of the Week medal for his efforts in the RDP war, for the first time in my (poor) memory we are way ahead of the Allies in RDP, this has helped the war at many levels

It is my honor to award Eyehawk with Player of the Week, always at the tip of the spear Eyehawk is a killing machine. Few can make the LMG perform like he can and if he gets setup in a good spot he can quickly pare down the enemy spawnlist.

Axis Communications:

Heer-ch 10
Luftwaffe- ch 20
KM- ch 30

Commander in Chief of Axis Forces