Community Report 9/08/08

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Hello Everyone!  The last couple of weeks have been so challenging.  Sometimes I get emails that are based on assumptions and sometimes I get them where they are based on mostly assumptions but the fact remains they are true.  :)  Game mechanics....  What is that?  Simply put its computer code that makes it all happen.  The Game Mechanics are mostly scrutinized for the rules that game code allows. 

Our coders work so hard to come up with the most fair and fun possibilities.  When designing the "mechanics" of the game a lot of thought and energy go into ensuring all angles are thought of, tested and followed up on.  However with that said sometimes things happen.  Sometimes they are fair and other times they aren't.  The recent issue of these pockets of trapped brigades has raised tempers of those that understand the in-depth stratigical aspect of the game.  When several brigades get trapped and movement isn't allowed is that fair? Hmmmm, well sure, because the "mechanics" allow it.  Is it fun? If you ask the opposing side that has you trapped, the general consensus will be yes it is fair; or better yet recent comments of the, “what goes around, comes around” comes up.  The Commanders in Chief are under one specific order from me.  They are to ask themselves, is it fair and is it fun?  This should be asked by all members of the High Command and Squad Leaders.  You are all players who sacrifice your time and energy for a deeply involved gaming hobby.  You the Squad Leaders, High Commanders and the active members of this community work hard to help us, keep the flow of fun alive.  When game decisions come up and questions are asked, make sure if you are in a position to change or affect another person’s fun; ask yourself, is it fair and is it fun for everyone else?  Winning is sooo important, but the FUN of the game will ALWAYS out-weigh a win.  Thank you all for your dedication WWII Online - Battleground Europe!  Have Fun!

From the desk of the Axis Commander in Chief:
!S Kameraden
Axis forces made a dash for the edge of the map in a gamble to cut off and remove 22 Allied brigades, the cutoff was a success but the Allies managed to regain their pocket, within a few days the map was back to normal and the response from the players was a resounding cheer... success was not measured in towns taken but in player fun and by that measure both sides were winners.
On to the awards!

I'm honored to award this weeks Officer of the Week medal to Ereck, a hard working officer who has quickly moved up to 4 Korps XO, look for him when you need help ingame because he's always there doing the tough jobs.

I'm proud to award the Player of the Week medal to chadlee with the following AAR submitted by stafnbrg: "Chadlee was amazing last night. I was in the church tower scanning the area and covering a CP when I saw this Soldier running around. I then saw a report of EI in the area and while I was telling someone to mark the sighting Chadlee said he got the EI, we then had Paras drop in on us and Chadlee went in to action. He took out several or the Paras and proceeded to recap the CP we lost. Also note here there were many other Soldiers doing their part to protect the AB an dthe area but this Soldier stood out with his fast acting. A little while went by and we had another couple Paras show up. Chadlee went in to action again, took out the Para that capped the CP and even after being wounded he continued to do his duty and reccap the CP again giving us back the town. I was wounded and bleeding out by this time so had to respawn but Chadlee was still in there, wounded and protecting the area."

Axis Communications:
Operations-Ops ch
Heer-ch 10
Luftwaffe- ch 20
KM- ch 30
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From the desk of the Allied Commander in Chief:
Hello Team Allies,
Well, first off it is great to be back and able to support you as we move forward with this campaign.  Team Allies has had some great successes in achieving goals we set for our Team.   We must always keep a positive outlook, no matter how things appear or our perceptions of situations, and continue to support each other in having FUN at all times while in the game. 
We have had a some setbacks but again we as a Team....Team Allies....can and will work together to overcome all obstacles during our pursuit of another Team Allies victory.  I must commend our players for their outstanding contributions in supporting the battles through their dedication in guarding key facilities, providing logistic support by means of resupply and msps, and their continued "CAN DO" attitude when called upon to accomplish our objectives.
Again, have FUN, support each other, have more FUN, support the AHC, and have even more FUN!!!
One Allies + One Team = TEAM ALLIES!!!!!

Allied Player of the Week:
This week’s Allied Player of the Week is Messeruk.  .  Messeruk answers questions, coordinates troops, and is always there lending a hand and leading the way. He has been in game constantly, always on Obj channel working and helping, and all over OICing defenses in every part of the map.  Congratulations Messeruk!  It is with great honor that I present you the Allied Player of The Week ribbon.  Wear this ribbon with pride as you have earned it.


Allied Officer of the Week:
This week’s Allied Officer of the Week is Seumas13.  Seumas13 is a new officer who already has proven himself capable and willing to step up any time to lead as an OIC at all levels.  His dedication already is sure to get the notice of his fellow officers and ensure him a long and successful career in the AHC.  We are proud and grateful to have Seumas13 as part of the Allied High Command.    Therefore, it is with great honor that I present Seumas13 the Allied Officer of the Week ribbon.  Wear this ribbon with pride as you have earned it.
Keep the morale up, and let’s get in game and have FUN as Team Allies!!!



One last mention, this week marks the 7th anniversary of an event that none of us ever thought would affect the world as it has.  All of us here at Cornered Rat Software thank all soldiers no matter what part of the world you are from.

 Have a good week!