Community Report for September 1, 2008


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TOPDI sure hope all of our US players are enjoying their long Labor Day weeked.  I have spent most of it participating is some pretty intense battles as a result of the bold axis thrust in the center of the mapt and the quick allied counter attack. 

Allied Report

Hello again Team Allies,

Well it really looks like the Axis finally got mad at the current state of the map and decided to push back.  Then they made one Bold move today and have pushed us really hard.  We need to re group Team Allied and push them back.  Lets show them that we still have the upper hand and can make things happen.  Time for the Allies to tie up your boots and get into the Action.  Hope to see you all in over the long weekend coming up.  

Allied Player of the Week

 This week’s Allied Player of the Week is Cono.  CONO is also one of those unassuming guys you might miss on the field of battle as he just goes out and does what needs to be done.  Whether it is guarding a CP, FB, or running in an MSP he just does it.  He is definitely noticed by the Senior Command from both the RAF and FAF as he is known to go and hunt down and kill those that would try and snipe our Pilots before they can take off. Congratulations Cono Player of the Week.

Allied Officer of the Week

The Officer of the Week is Rokal.  Rokal has no problem taking control of the map or assisting as the XO.  He is also and excellent leader and Officer in the field of battle, placing MSPs where they need to be and getting the troops to take out FBs or Cap CPs.  He is not afraid to jump in and take action no matter the danger and is more than willing to put himself in harms way before anyone else.  Congratulations Rokal Allied Officer of the Week.


As this is a Holiday Weekend in North America I sincerely wish everyone a safe and happy time.  I also hope that Team Allied can all get together and make the Axis pay for the Bold move.



Allied Chief of Staff

Axis Report

!S Kameraden
A burst of activity over last weekend has improved our position, we have taken some ground and no longer have our backs to the factories, sorry you all didn't get a chance to fight in the new towns... maybe next time lol. Morale is good and the fights are fun, keep up the killing!
On to the awards!

I'm honored to award this weeks Officer of the Week medal to XoomXoom for his great contribution to his fellow officers in training, leadership and demonstration of the qualities that make a well rounded and capable officer.


I'm proud to award Conesq with this weeks Player of the Week medal, noted for his skill as well as ambition Conesq has greatly improved the situation in all battles he takes part in.



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