Community Report 7/12/08

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Allied Report:

Hello Allies,

Well, this map is again proving to be quite a challenge but with the dedication and determination of every officer and player we will still achieve the success and victory we have all strived for. We will need to start greasing the wheels on our msps, swab the barrels of our tanks and anti tank guns, and get the sights set on our rifles and machine guns for the upcoming week.

With plans being laid already and the tgts being chosen this weeks combat should be loaded with lots of fun and exciting times once again. Both on the ground and in the air we intend to execute our plans with precision and the Teamwork of all of the members of Team Allies. Our pilots have been practicing their bombing and air combat maneuvers to prepare to give us the support we need from the skies. All we need now is for all of Team Allies to log into the game and enjoy having FUN and doing what we all love which is fighting and fighting some more in this great game.

I again look forward to being in fighting next to you and leading the path to each cp as we continue taking the fight to the Axis. Let us all have FUN and I'll see you all in the game!!! I thank each and every member beforehand for the contributions each of you will make in this upcoming and exciting week!!!

Allied Player of the Week

This week’s Allied Player of the Week is Bandzior. Bandzior has been noted by other players and officers as a dedicated Team Allies player who is willing without question to step up and help with any task. He is commonly seen capping, guarding, or fighting with his comrades wherever his presence is needed. Bandzior is a true Team Allies player and for this I hereby award him as the Player of the Week. Wear this ribbon with pride sir for you have earned it. Congratulations!!!

Allied Officer of the Week

This week’s Allied Officer of the Week is Devil505. This is the first week Devil505 has been in the AHC and has already stepped up to assist in operations, carry out any orders given to him, and even taken on the responsibility to lead all of Team Allies for long hours. The dedication, loyalty to our Team, and performance above and beyond the call of duty is why I hereby award Devil505 as the Officer of the Week. Wear this ribbon with pride sir for you have earned it. Congratulations!!!

One Team, One Allies=TEAM ALLIES!!!!

Allied Forces Commander in Chief


Axis Report:

!S Kameraden

Morale is high, we have had moderate success and some great fights this week. Axis soldiers have been on the ball keeping FBs blown and EWS checked. As usual it's a matter of holding on tight until our families at home can forge new weapons for us to use. Soon my friends... soon, shipments of improved equipment should begin arriving by the middle of the weekend. Stand strong soldiers, be ready for the call to arms!

The Heer is full, with the fantastic efforts from the Axis IKW they have managed to graduate 40 officers in the last 2 months, we now have a full roster but... NOT FOR LONG! We will soon need officers to fill the new brigades, do you have what it takes? Do you wish to help your fellow soldiers in a new way? Are you the volunteer type that places the good of the whole above your own needs?

Join OKA at

On to the awards!

Axis Officer of the Week
I'm happy to award the Officer of the Week medal to MATTWITT... Mattwitt has been very active lately since returning to HC for his 3rd tour.

Axis Player of the Week
For Axis Player of the Week I award this medal to deeks for his tireless efforts to defend or capture FBs, his dedication to 3rd PZ and his riveting commentary *wink*

Axis Communications:

Heer-ch 10
Luftwaffe- ch 20
KM- ch 30

KMS, Commander-in-Chief of Axis Forces


Community News & Notes:

Special Events

Community Report Realism Events Team July 12th, 2008

The 12th of July, Saturday, at 2pm Central U.S. time we will run the "Remagen Bridge" Infantry Event. This Event is Open and No Sign up's are Required. This Event, we are going to Try something Different to see if we can Simulate Re-Supply of Troops instead of the standard 1 Death is all you get rule. Staying Alive is still going to be Very Important to you and your Team.

Allied Commanders:

Allied Side Commander - Retterkl
British Commander - Khbigjoe
French Commander - Viruses

Axis Commanders:

Axis Side Commander - Jpanzerj
Axis Army Commander - Degrunne

Event Information:

The Realism Events Team is looking for Dedicated WWII Online Players to write, run, and officiate the Realism Events. Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send me a P.M. through the Playnet Forums. Lindir is also looking for Players to assist him.

Realism Events Program Director / Intermission Scenario Development
WWII Online Battleground Europe
Corned Rat Software / Playnet Inc
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Both High Commands are always seeking out more players that would like to be officers.
If you wish to be:

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