Community Report Monday, October 27, 2008

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This week we saw the much anticipated release of 1.29 open beta and we appreciate all of your assistance and hard work to get this out the door and ready for release.  We have also seensome great movement in the current campaign with allied forces breaching the front lines and their influence into the heart of Germany.  Can the Axis forces turn this around?  Get in game and find out.

Allied Report

That was the week that was !!! Well last week was a tough old nut and as I had hoped and predicted the allied side would come through it - Welcome to this week !! Early on a new energy and confidence could be felt as the days have passed and some of the efforts and plays on the map have been fantastic. Towns lost, towns won, Brigades dominant,Brigades attrited - We have the lot and I'm loving it. The HC are trying to keep the fun and the supply up for all combatants to enjoy and use and you guys are really starting to respond and it is our aim to keep that going. Friday is the new allied squad night and squads are working together with purpose which can only improve the fun and help pile misery on our opposition. It is my aim to keep the train running and straight on track - With the help and enthusiasm of our allied side I can only see good good times rolling. Load Up And Ride the Pain Train To Berlin !! Allied Player of the WeekThis week’s Allied Player of the Week is Hellkatt - Hell is a straight up player looking to get on target and always of the utmost help top the HC, his squad and the players. Well done Kat - Thanks   Allied Officer of the WeekThis week’s Allied Officer of the Week is Infinity - A brand new recruit to the HC who has already demonstrated an understanding for the air and is getting stuck in helping keep air supply for all the players. Well done.  Badger77Allied Commander In ChiefAxis ReportThe Current lines are holding. There have been a few pushes back and forth but no significant gains. This is a common weekly report written by one of our officers this says it all. Took BC from Colt1945.

Turnhout was under heavy attack with totally attrited 4th PD KGs defending it, having just been kicked out of Oostmalle. Securing Turnhout was to become the paramount operation of the night.

The situation was so dire that I was forced to move KG-1/33rd ID down from Willemstad and Moerdijk to Breda and KG-2 and KG-3/33rd ID to Baarle-Hertog. My apologies to the KM for leaving them in the lurch like that.

Scumbud and Lilreb39 were the main KM folks and they were of great help in allowing me to move Heer KGs to the crisis point. Lilreb39 did more great service in Metz, recapping that town.

I moved half of 2nd PD to Liege and moved 3rd PD up to cover Hasselt. 27th ID then moved into Paal and Geel, while 4th PD was concentrated in Turnhout. The defenders of Turnhout held the enemy off for many hours with just the attrited KGs of 4th PD. It was truly inspiring as they fought with grit and determination.

Finally 33.2 was able to move into Turnhout and that proved to be the turning point. With the fresh supply, the troops counterattacked and librated the town. I couldn’t' have been more proud of our player-base. There were many OKW officers in Turnhout as well and the town couldn’t have been held without their leadership. Roner was the initial OIC of Turnhout, and then Dover took the reins.

While all this was going on, Geel was also under constant attack. Dvldawg2 was a steady presence there. He managed to hold the town while undergoing several KG changes as I moved them in and out to Turnhout. It was touch and go, but theAllies eventually pulled the AO.

Paal also came under attack later in the evening. It became a juicy target as KGs of the 27th ID were shuffled through there. Ctdan and Meryk led the defense there. The Allies attempt to bum-rush the town failed and they pulled the AO.

Even though we were under heavy attack in the north, we maintain the offensive in the south to keep the Allies occupied there. As I said, we recovered Metz and continued harassing the enemy with AO's on Manhay, Longwy, and other soft caps.

I must say it was a very tense night, but most people kept their cool and the right moves were made to keep the North frontline stable. Ctdan provided a lot of help to me as the BC.

A player of note, Rob2222, led his squad and buffered the towns around Breda that enabled us to move through Breda in 30 mins, vice an hour.

If I forgot anyone, my abject apologies, since there were a lot of officers doing a lot of things to make tonight as successful as it was. We could've all panicked and lost a lot of ground, but we didn't and the Allies have got to be pi$$ed off right about now.

VR, Csm308
6.Armee XO Communication is the key tune Chan 10 Heer 20 LW 30 KM. 

For officer of the week:  Vfreeze; For outstanding communication and incredible flow charts breaking down the Strategic, Operational, and Tactical levels of communication. Congratulations!

For Player of the week:   6th Army submits rob2222 as a player of the week nominee, for his efforts during the night of 18-19 October 2008. Leading a small element, sometimes alone, rob2222 conducted several soft cap operations around the city of Breda. These soft caps, of them "No Man's Land" battles against stiff enemy resistance, enabled Axis forces to move units through Breda in 30 minutes, vice the frontline cost of 60 minutes. Without this reduced time cost, the Axis units fighting for their lives in Turnhout, could not have been rapidly reinforced.  Through his efforts, rob2222 helped save Turnhout.  Had Turnhout not been saved, a huge hole in our lines would've been formed and an enemy breakthrough achieved.  Rob2222 ensured that did not happen.  Congratulations!  

Gaspipe Axis Cinc

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