Community Report Sunday, Oct 5, 2008

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TOPDCampaign 47 has begun! Campaign 46 is behind us and, without intermission, we immediately launched a new campaign. I participated in some great battles all along the front over the weekend and I saw both sides battling hard. Morale on both sides are high and each side has dug in their heels in preparation for an epic campaign in western europe.

Axis Report

On Friday October 3rd the Allied suddenly attacked the Town of Bergen - Op – Zoom. With this assault we have no choice but to defend our land. All out war is now the only option. We know who the culprits are and we will not rest until we to bring them to justice.

BADGER77, Commander in Chief of the Allied Forces

LTIBBS, Chief of Staff of the Allied Forces

JOKER007, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Allied Forces

Good luck gentlemen, you will need it.

For officer of the week: Thorg

Who from the start of this map has been relentlessly been upbeat and focused on maintaining good communication.


For player of the week: Onetin

This player is always helpful never quits and has a great attitude!



Allied Report


The first week of allied operations has been a huge success. Many troops were called from leave and conscripted back to send a clear message to the axis invaders of Belgium and France. Huge operations were launced and fierce fighting lead to a steady advance. The way the troops, the HC and the tactictians have all worked long and hard has been fantastic and gave a very strong set of weekend operations. The start of the week saw a huge allied break deep into axis lines and the axis are in slight dissary and retreat. The fight is far from over and we will not cease to push them and not cease to attack until Germany surrenders in full.

Your actions as individuals and a team, working in numbers have helped in achieving great progress and some success. We are looking strong but still have improvements to make withing the team and we will strive to do this and to keep going.


A big thank you for you work and hope you had some fun !!


Allied Player of the week - Arkansas - Due to his heroic efforts at capping the SAB in Monschau, we now have a new forward Air Field. He spawned in infantry relentlessly, even ignoring my request to bypass and work on east cp. He capped the SAB just as GHC moved a 2nd bde into the fray to stop us. The odds of taking this town were totally against us and the attack was winding down. - It is this never say die and his commitment that is a credit to any allied unit. - S!


Allied Officer of the week - Jamm40 - Maybe a obvious choice due to his his visibility but we often don't reward those who are in the firing line and putting in obvious hard work. There were many good officers up for this and I had a hard choice with so many candidates but Jamm40 Sir you have not slept and have run the map and operations like a charm - S! and well deserved - thanks




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