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Please help me in welcoming John "Sirbenny" Cossarak as the newest member of the community management team.  Sirbenny has a long track record in this community;  He is a day one player that has served in the High Commands, been the Lead In-Game Manager, worked in the training community, and moderated the forums.  Sirbenny has proven with his experience and time spent in helping this community out that he is a great addition to the team.  Sirbenny's role is titled "High Command Liaison".  He will be reporting directly to the community managers about issues, concerns, and detailed updates on a frequent basis.

The High Command Liaison will oversee the efforts of the Central High Command (Commander in Chief, Chief of Staff, and Deputy Chief of staff) for both sides.  He will be involved with both sides "game politics" and will be there to provide explanations and alleviate concerns.

We are excited to have a member of staff working as a direct focus on the High Commands.

If you wish to contact SIRBENNY send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Have Fun!

Members of the Community Management Team:  Community Managers LATHAM & TOPD, Special Events/Intermission Coordinator JAMMYMAN, High Commmand Liaison SIRBENNY, Game Manager DOC, Executive Producer GOPHUR, Customer Support Manager/Assistant Marketing Manager BLOO, Public Relations MOTORMOUTH

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