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Over the past weekend, we sent out tens of thousands of invitations to Welcome Back past members as far back as 2003 to join the BeachHead Breakout mini-campaign. The number of those who have already accepted the invitation and registered for the event has been a pleasant surprise and we're even more anxious to launch the event!

The team is still hammering out a few remaining issues with 1.34, the progress they've made in the last 24 hours is staggering. We are holding off on the launch of BeachHead Breakout until we're confident we can present past and present players with a mind-blowing and fun event, free from any major bugs (the little ones will get squished over time).

We have unlocked forum access for players who have accepted the invitation and activated their accounts. Join the discussion about the upcoming event here!

Game access will be unlocked when the event begins!

~~If you did not receive an invitation, click here to register for the campaign~~

If someone you know did not receive their invitation, send them a link to this article or the registration URL:

Accepting this free play invitation means that you are also automatically entered into a drawing for one of (3) FREE one-year subscriptions AND eligible for our special 10th anniversary subscription special-- just $9.99 to re-activate your premium subscription after the event.

This is going to be a hell of a fun event, don't miss it!