Forum Upgrade and Downtime - Monday

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Monday, July 20th Playnet's player discussion forums will be taken down in order to carry out a major upgrade. KILLER has built a brand new server home for them, loaded with the latest version of vBulletin. The down time will begin at approximately 1pm CDT (GMT -5). The expected down time is expected to last from 4 to 6 hours, barring any issues.  They will be brought back online with limited functionality, new features and tools added gradually once we're sure they'll all work well together.

Once the forums are brought back up, there may or may not be issues with certain permissions, tools and/or settings.  Although we don't expect this to be the case, technology is a fickle mistress and she may decide to throw a wrench into the works to keep us on our toes.  Please feel free to post comments here with any problems you may experience.

Communication with our customers has always been something we value here at Playnet. Our forums are a very important part of that flow of communications.  We appreciate your patience and are hopeful that the new forums will flow smoother than ever.