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Assistant Game Manager "LEXFIRE" talks about the importance of the fundamentals of High Command, and how critical it is to be properly staffed with veteran players.


The High Command Organization

As a member of the CRS AGM team and more specific, I have the opportunity to see the larger roles and responsibility the High Commands have to the player base. They help provide Organization and Leadership that has a direct impact for in-game operations. As a day one player, and retiring from Allied CinC after 8 years of service, this helped me see with greater clarity how important the High Commands are to the player base and the aspect of a true player ran environment of online armies dueling it out.

One of the realizations I had years ago was the importance the High Commands had in game from the organized squads to the individual players as well as the pride many HC members have, German or Allied, to their respective side. This was developed through being part of an organization that endured the ups and downs, campaign losses and wins or just being part of that support network of fellow HC and the player base, which has made me honestly believe there is nothing like this in any other gaming community.

Our High Commands are players of the community, some are part of squads large or small, and some are lone wolf players who also enjoy the aspect of giving more to the side they have chosen, the HC is not for all as it encompasses the ability to understand  and apply HC commands that can directly impact the players strategically or tactically, as well as having to communicate to the players in a positive way that can impact morale. But the reward of being part of the High Commands is that aspect of knowing the support and effort you made to the player base, with a win or loss. This gives a feeling of gratitude because you were a part of that team effort organized as HC officers to help provide that leadership for the community.

Now  the High Command is a player run organization, and like any organization it takes the support and effort of the team to be effective, and it boils down to the individual player who feels they have the ability and attitude to want to take up on the challenge of being part of a different aspect of the game that supports your side, so ask yourself  “are you ready to make a difference and take that challenge?

“Positive Attitudes Create Positive Actions, Positive Actions Create Positive Attitudes.”

Allied High Command (APPLICATION) --- German High Command (APPLICATION)

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Assistant Game Manager





0 #3 Zach 2013-01-01 18:39
Very nice lex, well said indeed
0 #2 KHALID 2013-01-01 09:27
well said LEX, to bad not everyone in HC communicates in that positive manner thus loosing new players and veterans alike. This is something that needs to be enforced.
0 #1 Tilo 2012-12-31 20:54
Very well said!
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