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OHMAs you know High Command is an integral part of our game operations. Everyday players dictate how the game is going to be played out from the strategic level all the way to the soldier boots on deck banging down doors (so to speak). The Reserves is a new concept designed to increase coverage in all time zones of players with these tools to move much needed supply, and bridge the communication from HC to Squads.

Not long ago the Training Command was formed which combined Allied & Axis Officer Candidate School (OCS) into a single program to increase time zone coverage, and class availability for OCS Cadets. In our continued efforts to improve the efficiency of our HC programs, Training Command is ready to take on its next mission of molding players into reservists.

Definitions (Active & Reserve Officers)

Active Officers are defined as what you have always known for HC officers. They are the full-timers who keep the HC program together.

Reserve Officers are players who want to be able to help without the full-time commitment.

Key Differences (Active - Reserve)


  • Eligible for promotion from Colonel - Commander in Chief
  • Eligible for full HC forum privileges
  • Eligible for .allied and .axis tools
  • Must follow officers articles of conduct
  • Have seniority over decisions when only reserves are online
  • Full time commitment


  • Colonel = rank maximum
  • Eligible for officers club forum only
  • Must follow officers articles of conduct
  • Part time commitment


For additional questions pertaining to these programs, we encourage you to e-mail the Training Command administrators at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Join High Command (Application Links)

You will need to apply using Internet Explorer or by installing Internet Explorer extensions on your browser (we know, it's old school). Note: This is the same portal for Active & Reserve officers to apply, keeps admin simple.

XOOMXOOM: OHM and I have both served in the High Command prior to joining the ranks of CRS. We can assure you that this is bar-none, the most important volunteer program we have to offer. Every day you're deciding how the game is going to play out. By being in HC, you're also bridging essential communications that work out to a better war effort flow, and successfully maneuver forces in a way not possible when you don't have the infamous, "blue chat."


To provide a welcoming option to do more for your squad, side and community. HC officers lead the way by facilitating operations for players. We hope you take this opportunity to help us remove some of the burden from existing officers and keep your game play as enjoyable as possible.


Once your application is accepted you will receive training in the use of HC tools. The training will be based on your experience (expedited if you have previous experience). This helps you be better prepared and know how to help your side.

Length of training varies upon your comprehension of existing game mechanics, curriculum and application. Not to worry, we've learned a lot to keep it pretty simple, and you'll have a trainer to talk to who can help you answer any questions.

So, what are you waiting for? See you in the field, S!

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When i try to register for allied reserves i get this error:

An error occurred - -32300:transport error - HTTP status code was not 200
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