Lena accepts role of Community Training Director

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We are very excited and pleased to bring aboard Lena as the newest Community Training Director.

A couple of key focuses for this role is managing the efforts to help the new players to the game and help them learn the basics of Battleground Europe. Certainly not an easy task but she is ready and wanting this experience.

I asked Lena to tell us about her, this is what she wrote:

Hi, I am Lena *pauses for the greetings* and I am addicted to Battleground Europe.

Six years ago, I was sitting next to my brother-in-law's computer and watching as he crawled up a hallway to "capture a radio" and then everyone ran around outside a bunker shooting their guns in the air and shouting victoriously into something called Team Speak. I wasn't sure what was going on but I was intrigued. However, I was immersed in a land of trolls and dragons and had no time for any other game. Eventually, the shine wore off the gold coins and I decided to give BE a try. I don't play with dragons anymore. That was three years ago and now most of my gaming time is devoted to BE.

I am in the 53rd Shadow Falcons and am a ground pounder. Once in a while, you might find me pushing a shiny ATG or driving a tank but most often you will see me, as my squad CO says, looking like a hood ornament on top of a building, or running to the fight while serving as a mobile EWS for those around me (I fall down, they know not to go that way). I have been in AHC on and off for nearly two and a half years, first as a field officer in III Corps and then as the XO and eventually CO of the Allied High Command Training Corp. Being CO of the AHCTC was great, with the best part being that I got to know more about more of the players as they went through OCS. I am hoping to get to know even MORE of the playerbase, both new players and old, Allied and Axis, in my new position.

Personally, I am married to another BE player, Dadt. We just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary and will have been together for 10 years in September. I am pursuing a B.S. in psychology and plan to continue on to complete my Master's in geropsychology. Dadt and I love to travel, especially to historically significant and offbeat places. For the record, we are not in the same squad and I brought him to the game, not the other way around :p

I look forward to taking on the role of Community Training Director! See you on the battlefield!

Community Training Director
WWII Online – Battleground Europe

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