New Campaign Awards

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Cornered Rat Software is pleased to introduce our new Campaign Trophies and Player Memorials. Derek "Scotsman" Ward has designed a set of four amazing displays that we have proudly hung in a place of honor here in our Texas office. The Campaign Trophies will recognize the top players in each class, so log in and play!

Campaign Trophies

Each case contains several replicas of Allied and Axis WWII era weapons.  They've been mounted on the wall in our main entrance.  In between these 2 displays, CRS will hang a plaque which will display the gamenames of the top scoring player for each class every campaign beginning with Campaign #50. Top score will be determined by points earned during the campaign.

Memorial Trophies

Scotsman has also designed two Memorial trophies to commemorate fallen comrades. Myles "Ubique" Mansell, a Canadian Forces soldier who was killed in Kandahar in 2006, is truly missed by not only the Allied community, but all of us.  The Axis Memorial Trophy is currently blank and we're looking for nominations as to who should be honored. HC2 has been put forward as a nominee. If there is an Axis player we've lost who you felt made an impact on the community, please email their name to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we'll make a decision.

UPDATE: After several emails and discussions, the Axis Memorial trophy will honor the life and sacrifice of HC2. We will be in contact with his family so get their approval.


Allied Memorial

Axis Memorial

These Memorials represent all of the community members we've lost in the last 7 years. A salute to all of them and their families.

Thank you, Scotsman, for this gift. You are a great benefit to this community.