New Support Intern Joins CRS Team

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We'd you like to welcome aboard the latest loon to the bin: Willy "BOOMKING" Hudson, support intern. BOOMKING will be assisting and mentoring under the ever-watchful eye of Steve "BLOO" Daniels, our billing and technical support guru for the next few months. And by ever-watchful, I mean merciless. And by eye, I mean...well...eye. At any rate, he'll be helping shoulder the support load and filling his brain with all kinds of knowledge and experiences. Let's find out a little about him.

What's your full name?

William "Willy" Hudson


Rats name is BOOMKING

How long have you played WWIIOL?

I have only been playing about a month. I have played mostly as infantry, but just recently got a joystick and discovered the wonders of flight.


I graduated from Texas State University in San Marcos with a bachelor's degree in Business Management. I'm planning on returning to college for a second bachelor's degree, this time in computer science.

What you hope to get out of your experience at Playnet?

I want to get an idea of the video game development process, specifically the steps taken and what each person contributes. I plan on using what I learn to help guide me in what classes to take in college and someday have a full-time position in the video game industry.

What's it like sharing an office with BLOO?

In all honesty it's actually been nice. He's always open to answering any questions I have and offering advice on what skills would be useful to learn. He hasn't yelled at me or beat me yet, so I think I'm doing a decent job of not being too much of an annoyance. He's also complimented some of the work I've done, which has helped me feel more confident in what I'm doing and is motivating me to learn more.

Coke or Pepsi?

Pepsi has its perks (Mug Rootbeer, Lipton Brisk Tea), but I cannot deny the superiority of Coke's product line.

Welcome aboard, BOOMKING!


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