November Special Events

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Hello everyone,

The Special Events Team is putting together several Events during the month to give players a chance to play in these events and a chance to experience alot of equiment that they may not have access to in the live server with the rank restrictions of the game.
Three of these events have been run before and I felt that they were the most popular ones that the community enjoyed. We are also working on doing a few of them over the Thanksgiving weekend and are working on a new event for Friday the 28th of November to run in U.S. prime time.

The Special Events Team would like to Invite the playerbase to join us in these scheduled events. the 8th and 15th of Novembers events are repeats of previous missions and are also schedule on short notice to you the playerbase.

Most of these events will be open timed events but we do encourage you tosign up for them as we need to get Commanders to fill the command positions and lead the battles for their side.

Please visit the Special Events forums for the sign up thread for all these missions and the one we are currently developing for the holiday weekend. Join us and help us give the Trail players a differnt look at the game with the chance to use the rank restricted equiment.


  • Nov. 8th - "The Convoy Part II" Naval mission (Jammyman) Changes made to the mission to make it a Naval Only scenario. So we have removed the Aircraft from this combat mission
  • Nov. 15th - "Port Authority"  BoB Boming Mission (Jammyman)
  • Nov. 22nd - Team Fortress Rat Infantry Competition - Gent (Malize)
  • Nov. 28th - Being Designed currently
  • Nov. 29th - Flak Valley (Jammyman) Rescheduled
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