Realism EventsReport - Sept. 5th

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Hello all. In my last report, it was my pleasure to introduce two new members to the Realism Events Team. This weeks report I have the pleasure once again to introduce another addition to the Team. Please welcome Malize to the team when you see him in game. Malize has already gotten to work and has one combat scenario in the oven and working on another.

The next item on the board is Operation "Port Authority". This Combat Scenario is a Axis bombing mission on the Ports of England. We still have some Command positions and are looking volunteers to fill them. The event is scheduled for September the 13th, Saturday at 2:00 pm UTC -5. For more information on the mission or to sign up for it, Please go to this thread in the Realism Events forum.

We have plenty of positions open for the "Port Authority" combat mission and I'll leave sign-ups open until the morning of the scenario. So you have about 8 days to get signed up and an aircraft reserved for you. If the sides are unbalanced we will ask for a few volunteers to possibly switch sides to have a better balanced scenario. If you can not fly, there are positions open for gunners.

The Realism Events Team is starting to gain a few members and the "Combat Scenarios"  will begin to increase and offering the player base a little more options of WWII Online Battleground Europe to enjoy on top of the live server and the ongoing campaign. Germany is currently working on and close to finishing a naval scenario. I'm working on one that's a naval scenario of a different nature also.

The last item on the board, and a personal one for me ;-) .... September 5th, 1960 I came into this world, it's been an interesting 48 years, with the last 7 of them playing this game that I truly love. I have met some really awesome people in this game and have made some friends from all over the world. I set a goal for myself when I joined this game and that was to become the CinC of the team I have played for from my 1st day in this game. I never in my wildest dreams set long ago, that I would be given the honor and privilege to be a member of the staff of this game. I hope that the Realism Event Team can add a new dimension to the game and offer the player base a higher level of game play in our combat scenarios.

The Realism Events Team is looking for dedicated WWII Online players to write, run, and officiate the Realism Events. Please contact me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send me a P.M. through the Playnet Forums.