Realism Events Report October 13th, 2008

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JAMMYMANThe Special Event combat mission "Zee Rush" was held on the 4th of October. The Axis team were the winners of this event. There was some great long range action when the engagement began and finished up with some up close and personal broadside attacks. Here is the AAR from the combat missions author/player "Germany"

October 4, 2008
The Axis Kriegsmarine and Allied Navy's headed out to sea, Axis coming from Vlissingen, and Allies coming from Oostende.  These two navy fleets met around 3-4km out from Knokke.  The Allies had planned a total flank of the Axis fleet, but little did they expect 3 Axis destroyer's to come in their way. Soon two Axis destroyer's began firing upon the Allied fleet. The Allies kept their boats running full steam ahead at the Axis destroyers. Within two minutes of battle, three Allied destroyer's had been reported on fire.  The Axis kept fighting strong as did the Allies too.  The Allies kept firing upon Axis destroyer's, but the Axis we're just quicker on response of ranges and shots.  The Allies came, but left with no survivors. The Axis only came away with one, Huka1. 

Soon, reinforcements arrived for the Axis.  The Allies we're out of command for their destroyer's, upon arrival of the Allied destroyer's five Axis destroyer's we're already ready for them. The Axis we're quick on their feet and automaticly started firing on Allied destroyer's from 6km+ out.  Soon two Allied destroyer's were sinking.  While there we're only three more Allied destroyer's they kept fighting hard, but eventually only came away with one Axis destroyer kill.  Thus bringing the survivors score to Axis: 5 and Allies: 0.
I filmed the action and there is a rather large movie of the combat mission here at this link. it's about 128mbs long so you'd probably be better off downloading it. It is about 21 minutes long without music. So your going to have to key up what you like to listen to. Here the File Front link to the "Zee Rush" movie.

October 18th is our next Special Event combat mission. It is called "Flak Valley". This combat mission is Bomber / AAA scenario. The Allies have to destroy all the bridges in Piesport and the Axis will be defending it with Bofors AAA guns. This link will take you to the sign up page with the mission information and a recon movie for both Teams.

November 1st Combat Mission
This Special Event is a Re-creation of a WWII Battle that has been written and being run by Malize. It is a Combined Arms mission. You can find this Missions information and History in this thread.
The Realism Events Team is looking for dedicated WWII Online Players to write, run, and officiate the Realism Events. Please contact me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send me a P.M. through the Playnet forums.
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