The importance of conduct rules

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We don't like to make a lot of rules for rules sake. Everything is more fun if there aren't a lot of rules cluttering up your choices and restricting what you, the player gets their fun out of. Unfortunately it is impossible to rely on people's good judgement to determine everything for the best, particularly as some people will have a pretty stange idea of what is right and what isn't. Eventually, we have to break down and construct basic guidelines to ensure that things run smoothly, and that they are as fair as we can manage to make them for everyone and not just the select few.

We here at CRS, through our work and that of our community managers and player corps volunteers are always monitoring these areas of the community and the game that creates this community in an ongoing effort to make sure that everyone has a fun time and doesn't have to suffer the perhaps poor choices of a small number of individuals. It's similar to greifer management in a lot of ways.

One of the less fun things about this aspect of managing the game is we sometimes have to make decisions against individuals who break the rules. While no one is questioning the need to have such rules, it's still not much fun having to enforce them, and we usually give people a chance to rectify the situation before we act on the rules themselves.

We have a set of guidelines and rules covering the operation of the High Command structure called the Articles of Conduct. They exist to ensure that everyone involved in this area of the game gets a fair and unbiased experience given that some see the HC as a bit of a "my power club" and we don't want that kind of HC to be what that part of the game becomes.

This week, the Axis CinC, his 2nd and 3rd in command were relieved of command for infractions breaking the Articles of Conduct. This was not done lightly. They were offered a course of action that would have allowed them to remain in command, but they chose not to take that course of action.

Effective immediately, the new Axis CinC role will be filled by Gaspipe. We are confident he will do an outstanding job in his new role. His 2iC (CoS) will be Toro15 and his DCoS will be Rodlee. We hope everyone takes a step back to contemplate why this decision was necessary and understands it as part of the work we and our Community Managers do to give you the best and fairest gameplay experience that we can.

Good luck to Gaspipe, Toro15 and Rodlee and all their crew in staging a fun and exciting Campaign 47.

Thank you for your support.