Special Events Report and AAR for Flak Valley mission

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JAMMYMANHello Everyone,
We held the Special Event combat mission "Flak Valley on Saturday the 18th of October. The mission was going well until the Allied Team got to the target area and started the bomb runs on the bridges. I was recording and had my chat down during the 1st engagement (as I always do to record the Events). When I brought the chat back up I got a few PM's saying the bombs did not register the damage on the bridges. As Homer would say ..... D'oh!  Jammyman forgot to place AO's on the bridge targets.

This error negated all the damage on the bridges in the 1st wave of attacks. I apologize to all those who attended for my mistake. This Special Event combat mission will be rescheduled so that both teams have a fair shot at victory. I did get some film shot before the disaster happened. You can see what footage I shot here at this Link. A  new thread has been started and this Special Event combat mission will be rescheduled for November 29th, saturday of Thanksgiving weekend.

October 25th Special Event Squad Competition

Malize has a squad competition going on. If your squad would like to have a go at this, here is the thread where you can sign up and the events information for "Team Fortress Rat".

November 1st Special Event historically based combat mission

This Special Event is a re-creation of a WWII battle that has been written and being run by Malize. It is a combined arms mission. You can find this missions information and history in this thread.

The Realism Events Team is looking for dedicated WWII Online players to write, run, and officiate the Realism Events. Please contact me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send me a P.M. through the Playnet forums.