"The Convoy" AAR and Scheduled Events

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Hello everyone,

"The Convoy" mission II was run on the 8th of November and we had almost 30 players attend this Naval Event. The Transports (TT's) were a little light so instead of filming the event like I normally do, I spawned a transport and for the first time since I began running the Special Events, I participated in one of them. Let me say that it is a whole different ball game playing in one that just flying around and filming them.

We started off from Deal and the Allied Destroyers (DD's) set off and formed their picket line as we made our way for the port of Calais. It was not long, about 1/3 of the way to Calais, that EWS (Early Warning System) became active alerting us that the Axis Destroyers were closing in on Calais and were establishing their own picket line to spot us and plot a course to intercept.

Soon EWS went double at Calais and the Transport leader plotted a new course taking us south and we started to make a run for Boulogne. As we turned to our new course our eestroyers started to engage the Axis eestroyers picket line and punch a hole for us so we could make port and get the supplies for the beach head delivered. Suddenly there were flash's on the coms that we had a Axis Destroyer to our south west that had flanked us and we started receiving enemy fire. It reminded me of Sgt York when he explained how when turkey hunting you take out the last turkey in line and work your way to the first turkey so the leader does not know your being attacked. Soon the Axis Destroyer found his range and scored hit on all 3 of the Allied transports and we were soon on our way to meet Davey Jones an the bottom of the English Channel.

Two "Convoy" missions have been run and the Axis Naval forces have prevailed in both of these Special Naval Events. Congratulations go out to the Axis Navy for the Victory in "The Convoy" mission II.

On November 15th, this coming Saturday, we have another Special Event scheduled for the Player base and those from MMORPG that have joined us and are trying out the game with the current promotional offer that CRS is running. The Special Event that will run this Saturday is a Battle of Britain Bombing mission where the Axis Luftwaffe will be targeting several of the English Naval yards all along the English coast. The Allied airforce's job is to prevent the Luftwaffe from reaching and destroying the Naval yards and crippling the Allied navy's ability to get troops, equipment, and supplies to mainland of Europe. This Battle of Britian bombing mission will be a timed event and the Axis team has 120 minutes to destroy all the naval yard TGT's. There is restrictions on how many times you can spawn in since it is a timed event. The only restrictions of the event are the planes that can be flown and what airfields that each team can start from. Once the event has begun, flags will be moved so that each team can use any airfield that they own for the rest of the event.

Recon photo's of all the TGT's and the starting Airfields can be found in the Special Events forum posted under the mission thread "Port Authority". We need volunteers for commanders for each side and you are encouraged to sign up, but it is not required since this is an Open timed event. This event will be held on the Training server so rank will not be an issue for those who are visiting us from MMORPG playing during the trial. I hope that you'll join us for some fun in this Aerial Combat event!

Special Events Program Director / Intermission Scenario Development
WWII Online Battleground Europe
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