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Over the past few weeks, our War Correspondents have been submitting some brilliant stories from the front.  We've run the gamut from AAR briefings, personal recollections and even letters home to loved ones. The variety has been entertaining and riveting, swiftly becoming one of the most anticipated features on the website. 

Each month, we'd like to say thanks by choosing a particularly unique and engaging story and awarding the author with a 30 day game credit and a free Tshirt. For September, Stu's "Diary of a British Rifleman", a cheeky look at WWIIOL:BE through the eyes of an infantryman, takes the honors:

"Even passing through London, there was nothing but an empty field. I was told by one of our brave boys in the Spits that all that remained of Paris was a single tree!...

"...As they swarmed my forward base it briefly passed my mind that I should surrender but as I looked around I realized... to who? Nearly 30 Tigers in the area but not a single German infantryman."

Congratulations STU!

October is coming to a middle, still lots of time to get a great story in! If you don't like to write, take some time to read the great stories already submitted.

Thanks to all our writers, you guys are doing a bang up job!