Welcome our newest Community Training Director!

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Fearny has been a long time member of this community and he is ready to take on a leadership role that requires patience, control, game experience, and a great sense of humor.  TOPD and I think that he is perfect for the role and look forward to him serving the community for a long time to come.  I asked him to write a short bio to help you all get to know him a bit.  Enjoy the bio, have fun!

"I joined the game back in June, 2006. Trained by the 22nd Mech on the allied side I learned fast, but i wanted to know more! I like to understand why things happen the way they do and after dying in strange circumstances many times I decided to try and find out why! A few years on after leaning as much knowledge as i could from both in game players and the forums i applied to join the Training Corps so i could help other people learn the game and enjoy it more.

I love playing the ATG in game and i'm becoming partial to the sniper as well.  I mainly play BEF but also have played on the Axis side in order to learn all the equipment available. I hope to try and recruit more trainers so we have more or less 24/7 coverage on both the Axis and Allied sides.

I currently run along with 40comm, although i've been in many squads, it seems every time I find one I like I switch shifts at work and end up playing different time zones and missing everyone!

Out of game i'm an aircraft engineer by trade although i'm currently off work due to writing off my beloved Beetle(car) and giving myself some injuries in the process, hopefully all will be cleared up come the end of January!

As Training Corps Director I want to get our trainers more visble in the game and to more approachable so new guys feel they can chat and ask for help with out being belittled.  Anybody that feels they can help me and the other trainers out is more than welcome to apply to join us. Please Private Message me or my assistant and right hand man, ChKicker via the game forums and let us know all about you and why you'd like to join us.  Include what you specialise in (if anything) and what you could bring to the Training Corps!

Fearny, Community Training Director"

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