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Matt "Xoom" Callahan

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving here at CRS! Our team wanted to reach out to you to share some gratitude and thoughts. Altogether, it is a strong reminder of how special this place is, how it has brought so many of us together over the years, and an opportunity to reflect on the good things happening. We couldn't do this without you, our community continuously supporting the cause, and our great people here internally at CRS who are working to bring you improvements and innovation to WWII Online. Continue reading to see some commentary from our other team members, Salute!

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Twenty-one years in the making and Field Artillery is finally here! We are very proud and excited that with this recent update, 1.36.19, indirect field artillery has been introduced. No other ground-based game that we know has PVP weapons systems which can fire to a distance greater than 11,000 meters just like in WWII. This is a feature which has been long-requested and desired by our committed subscribers and the CRS development team. 

We hope that you have had an opportunity to login and try the new artillery units of WWII Online! Check out this quick teaser if you haven't yet - WWII Online arty teaser video. Its day in-game has finally arrived and player reception thus far has been monumental! But what does it mean in terms of game play? Keep reading as we highlight its impact further.

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