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Matt "Xoom" Callahan

News regarding the "Future of WWII Online" is finally going viral on YouTube courtesy of Bluedrake42's recent take on every outlined for our future plan. Today we wanted to make sure you've seen it and pass it on to friends because it is a good reminder of all of the effort CRS is putting into 1.0, Chokepoint and 2.0. Big things are happening here at WWII Online, made possible by our paid subscribers, community members and staff. Please continue in the article to see the video, it's worth a watch (and a share)! Thank you S!

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Campaign 190has started ! 

There are some garrison supply changes which are posted in the General Discussions of the forums.  We are adjusting overall garrison supply down starting in Tier 1 through Tier 4.  There are no changes to Tier 0 supply.  Tier 4 received the biggest reduction of about 20% per in each garrison.  Tiers 3 - 2 and 1 have smaller reductions.  There are no changes to moveable brigades. In addition, there are a few Tier introduction timing changes for the air guys.

Here are some useful links to information on server settings and supply. We are always looking to keep our players updated on changes and make it easy to find the information to prevent any confusion. This is the server setting forum page SERVER SETTINGS FOR CAMPAIGN 190 - GENERAL DISCUSSION - World War II Online ( is the current supply numbers: Current Supply Google Spreadsheet for viewing UPDATED 10/03/2022 - GENERAL DISCUSSION - World War II Online ( you have suggestions on any of these game subjects feel free to post in the forums. We are open to all ideas. Good luck to both sides S!

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Axis WIN Campaign 187!

Congrats to Axis forces for winning Campaign 187.  It took 83 days but earlier today the Axis captured the 9th French factory giving them victory conditions.  S! and shout out to the Allied forces who after about a month were soooo close to winning this one but could not repel the Axis push westward.  Great battles and great fun among friends and enemies.  

Campaign 188 will start on Sunday, May 15th at 0700 server time.   

We did not want to go a whole weekend in Intermission so we are kicking off Campaign 188 early on Sunday.  New CinC's googs and bigwoody are submitting their new campaign brigade deployments now.  

It was long and hard slog so, rest and return on Sunday!

Server Outage Coming

The live server will be down for several (2-4) hours on Monday evening May 16th starting at 8:00 PM server time.  During this time we are making final back end preparations for our move to the east coast server.  The actual move will not take place on Monday but this work is critical to making that happen.  The Training server will be open for play during this time.

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