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The Allies won campaign 186 in 22 days.  With a short campaign we had a short intermission !


Campaign 187 is under way with some minor supply changes. TMAN will update the supply google dock shortly.    

The server settings will be the same as the last campaign.  


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Matt "Xoom" Callahan

This weekend is going to be jam packed with two essential tests designed to help pave the way for a better WWII Online experience. The first (Saturday, February 5th @ 5PM PST) which will be dedicated to our continued exploration for a US East Coast server to help bridge North America & European connections, and the second (Sunday, February 6th @ 11AM PST) will be focused on WWII Online: Chokepoint (Hero Builder or approved beta tester access required). Please continue reading the article for important details on both, including how you can apply to become a Chokepoint tester.

Where's the Roadmap / upcoming updates? For your awareness, CRS has been heavily engaged in planning this year's roadmap and fine tuning all of the pieces, quite a bit more heavily than we normally do to make sure we have solid estimates and clear expectations with you. Very soon we will be publishing our official roadmap (near the end of this month) and it will contain important details of what's to come this year. It will focus on WWII Online, WWII Online 2.0 and of course WWII Online: Chokepoint plans. And for the first time ever, WWII Online will be reaching out to you - our valued players - to help us add weight and priority to which items are most pressing to get done first from your perspective. 

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