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OHMToday marks the beginning of Campaign 185 - Day 0! All Lt. Colonel's of WWII Online have received High Command access. If your tools are on the opposite side from the one you are playing, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the Community Management team will work to quickly resolve this issue. More players having HC tools in-game improves the smooth transition of attack objectives, supply movement and directing troops to battle locations. Be sure to use these tools carefully and ask help in .hc channel. You will see more HC officers available in-game than we have seen in years now, login - THE WORLD IS NOW AT WAR!

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TEX64It's been another quick week in Rat Land topped off with an informative Rat Chat this Sunday.  We were excited to have over 80 participants with a number of good questions to CRS.  I also would like to thank all of the CRS presenters as various members of our team showed what's going on behind the scenes.  The recording can be found . . . 

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