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XOOMWWII Online: Chokepoint's Steam store page is now available and ready for you to "Wishlist!" By doing this you'll be made aware of when the game releases automatically, and it'll help us get ready for server requirements. It also unlocks the ability for you to share this page and get more eyes on it - which is exactly what it'll need. Click here to visit the WWII Online: Chokepoint store page, or click the image below. "The Future of WWII Online" is underway!

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XOOMToday's update is a little short as we've got a lot of irons in the fire and want to save lots of good stuff our upcoming 20th anniversary celebration, but we did want to let you know that we are working on a Consolidated Release (Phase 2) which reintroduces several features that were originally in 1.36.9 that we fell back on, and are currently in testing. We're aiming for a June 2021 release which includes the re-introduction of Mission Leaders changing targets and several bug fixes. Stay tuned for more news on this. But as a more immediate priority, please sign up to the WWII Online Virtual Convention. Each day requires its own individual sign up, and it will remind you automatically and send you the invite link.

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XOOMHey everyone, as we've been announcing through our communication channels the release of was a pretty tall order and some things snuck through requiring us to fallback to in an effort to regain stability over server and client performance. Worry not, we're going to take a short breather and then get right back to rolling out those features in smaller chunks so we can isolate features in a controlled manner. CRS always works to ensure we release solid updates and for a long time now things have been smooth. A lot has been learned and we appreciate your patience and understanding on all of this, and we apologize for its impact on you.

Campaign 182 will be restarted today at approximately 1:30PM Server Time (PST).


  1. Manually uninstall version (or any version of the game currently installed)
  2. Download version, downloads page here
  3. Install and standby for campaign launch

Steam downloads should be updating automatically.

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