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Matt "Xoom" CallahanTonight we start Campaign 195 and it includes several changes. We are opening up several weapons available as free unlocks for the duration of the campaign to our Free Players in an effort to showcase these weapons in a live scenario and increase the server population. We are also looking at rolling back to a simplified 4 Tier system (Tier 0, 1, 2 and 3) to avoid confusion and keep the transition of tiers smooth. The theme for this campaign is squad development - rebuild your squad by bringing folks back and helping new players! Please continue reading to learn more about that and the settings for Proximity Attack Objectives, which will be featured for the first time for a whole campaign, and welcome aboard our two new Side Commanders!

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Matt "Xoom" CallahanThe recent updates to WWII Online have been intentional about Rebuilding Squads, ranging from the return of Squad Missions and now Proximity Attack Objectives, both of which promote organic field leadership to drive game play. Squad Development is no longer just something to talk about as a nice-to-have, it is in fact, a must-have. In this article I want to expand on the serious prioritization we need to place on building squads, what these new tools that we've made available are and refresh on some existing ones, and dive a little deeper into the understanding of the role that they now play which is no doubt of great significance, more so than we've seen in a very longtime. Please spend sometime to review this as it provides crucial information that will help your squad and help prepare for the next campaign.

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Campaign 194 ended with an Allied Victory! The campaign lasted for 70 days.OHM During that time, we saw the Axis push all the way to the coast only to come up short of victory, with the Allies conducting a successful counter-attack pushing all the way into the Axis factory towns. Well, as we have seen before you never count your chickens before they hatch. With this happening CRS was watching closely to the map and how long a victory might take. It became clear it was going to be a while. So, we talked with the Senior High Command on both sides about the Prox AO's update we were waiting to release. Both sides and CRS agreed not to wait for the end of the campaign to update. 

Now that Prox's AOs are out made a few tweaks to the settings trying to find the right combination. We have set the Placement of Prox's AO deployment time for intermission from 2 minutes to 3 minutes. We also changed the removal time for an AO from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. We will see how this works during intermission and might end up making more changes.

For intermission we will only have Tier 0 equipment for the 1st two days and then we will open all the equipment up for all. The server might go offline at any time without notice during intermission for OS updates.

This Friday . . . ALL-ACCESS Weekend and Moar!!!

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       Beginning on Friday, you can experience the full carnage, chaos, and joy of an ALL-ACCESS weekend in WWII Online!  Keep reading below for patch info/workarounds, bombing altitude info, community news, and moar!!!!! 

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