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       Before we announce the winning team, I would like to include some stats of the individual participants in the event.  Some of you guys were crushing it in-game!!  Well done!!  The event was a blast with a number of combatants slugging it out on the seas and skies over The Channel (some excellent footage was captured, too!).  Dogfights, bombs dropping, incoming/outgoing shells and flak bursts . . . it was glorious!!  Onto the scores!


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Matt "Xoom" Callahan

We've changed a few things by providing greater access to squads and veteran players to HC, and now senior Command needs to be refocused to provide high-level organization and operational execution. This is a crucial time for community members to step up and contribute to the improved health of the game. Candidates from both sides are being requested to fill out this application, which CRS will then verify minimum requirements have been met and will then be voted on by the WWII Online community. If you've been looking for a way to contribute to the game and help rebuild HC to become stronger and provide large-scale combined arms battles - this is for you! The game is at its best when we have squads and people working together, now is the time to make a difference. Please click one of the below links to get started!

AHC Candidacy Application (Google Form)

GHC Candidacy Application (Google Form)

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TEX64     Well if you haven't let me help you get focused.  Detailed below is a critical link that asks how you, when you play, etc . . .  WWIIOnline.    



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